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The world of streaming and sports broadcasts has advanced in recent years at a giant step. Before, only the big first division teams could be seen on the screen. But the audiovisual market has been revolutionized and now, equipment of all categories can be seen through the Internet, with an HD image and with graphics and repetitions, with a quality similar to the most expensive retransmissions on the market, but at a very low price affordable. This week we worked with footers, a pioneering platform in Spain for broadcasting 2nd and 3rd division matches, with an exciting match that pitted Talavera against Sevilla Atlético.

Sports broadcasts are scalable, and fit the budget of the club or organization.

Although a match in the first level of the first division has up to 32 cameras in the stadium and its surroundings, it is also true that 90 percent of the time we see the match through the main or “master” camera. This camera will be the minimum, along with the marker and chrono graphics to start having a 스포츠중계 with a professional look. From there, you can add a second camera that gives details of the game and that is also used for slow-motion replays of the best plays, or the most controversial. With this we would already have a sports program at a very affordable cost and with a really competitive price.

To this we also add the work of an editor who comments on the game live, together with a specialist from the club, so that the match is enjoyable and that all the fans can follow the development of the game.

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Football, basketball, futsal, handball matches etc are broadcast with professional quality through your club’s website or your YouTube / Facebook channel

On the other hand, the internet connection or coverage is no longer a problem with our transmission systems, which add the data capacity of several SIM cards, and ensure coverage in practically all sports fields.

Ask us for a budget without commitment and we will help you bring your sporting event to all your fans.

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