Top 5 Tools to Search for Competitor’s Keywords


Keywords are important to build a strong marketing promoting strategy. You put certain keywords related to your content in order to attract an interested audience. Those keywords should be logical and related to your topic, it makes it stronger for a PPC campaign.

You need to research on relevant and trendy keywords for your topic and also check for your competitors that what keywords are they using for their content. Through using keyword research tools you can use to find competitor’s keywords.

1. Ah-refs

Ah-refs is one of the most-read blogs on the internet. It is also the creator of a tool named Keyword Explorer. even though it’s not a free tool but still is widely used due to its potential reach. It provides a lot of useful features and data that is inevitable for the user and is SEO friendly.

This tool offers a feature called Top Pages, which allows you to discover tons of keywords by adapting the topic of your content.

For example, you want to recognize your top competitors and you want to know what topics or keywords are that they rank for, you simply put keywords regarding your content and it will show top results and sites which are using or related to your keyword.

2. BuzzSumo

BUzzSumo is an amazing tool for content creators, its perfect for competitive analysis and also pinpoint your capable competitors you may not have been aware of. Take Moz for instance, they provide awesome content and also develop their own suite of useful tools.

Moz is one of your biggest competitors. But don’t forget about other creators that have smaller approach but still are doing very well in the market. BUzzSumo let you know about them all.

Simple if you search SEO in BuzzSumo it shows you all sites regarding your topic, you might be aware of first two or three results but what about the other top ten sites with thousands of social shares on each article.

It helps you head start your work by knowing your competitors’ Keyword Strategies and helps you maintain the potential of your content according to the market.

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3. SEM Rush

Next in our list is SEM Rush, a splendid keyword research tool that helps you identify competitors keywords in no time. You can search by either using keywords or URL, it provides you results geographically and can also spot different match types of PPC keywords.

Let’s say we’re analyzing a famous website’s keywords from from USA, you can change the region to British, Spanish or French google results if you want.

It also provides you to choose between mobile or desktop data traffic. It’s amazing how it shows collective data that you need from just a single platform.

4. SpyFu

Another well-known competitive research tool is SpyFu. Unlike other tools SpyFu provides you a huge amount of data for basic or casual searches. It provides you local and monthly search volume, expenditures spent on ads, history of advertisement and as well as ranking history.

Everything you need to understand your Competitor’s Keyword Strategy, it gives you all.

It gives you all statistics, pros and cons of your competitor’s business strategy and if you use it with other competitive research tools, you’ll have inevitable data and can monitor every step of competitors.

5. AdWords

Next useful technique for competitive research is AdWords auction insights. It may seem like a platform-centric tool but is very useful to look for your top competitors.

It gives you access to a range of competitive data such as impression shares, ad position and also let you know your position with competitor’s ads.

It also let you know how often a competitor’s ad show above you when your ad is not even visible.

These stats help you maintain and upgrade your Position in Rankings and let you know what’s keeping you below them. All these tools used altogether technically will certainly help you in your keywords search and develop your content.

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