Branded and Non-Branded Keywords

The easiest way to understand the difference between branded and non-branded keywords is that if you are using the keywords which includes brand names such as GUCCI, Armani or Ck are called branded keywords.

Whereas keywords which do not include any brand names are called non-branded keywords. For example, ‘’trending shoes’’ and ‘’casual shoes’’ non-branded keywords.

Understanding the difference

People use certain keywords while searching on web which shows their intention of search. Some people use non-branded keywords while searching like ‘’used laptops’’ or used smartphones’’, it shows their intention that they are looking for specific item and they target their needed content.

In contrast if someone use branded keywords like Apple or Samsung smartphones they will be redirected to their desired items and content.

It is important to understand the difference between both keywords as it helps you put keywords regarding to your article or item.

If you put branded or non-branded keywords according to your content correctly, your page will rank higher in search results when someone is looking for it.

To have properly targeted users and gain organic traffic you must put know the difference between branded and non-branded keywords. It also helps you with successful SEO and PPC Strategies.

Using branded and non-branded keywords correctly

It depends on your target and goal that are pursuing. If you own a brand which is not well-known and want more people to know about it you would not use branded keywords because people are not aware of your brand yet.

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Instead you will use organic non-branded keywords to attract more audience to your page. For example, if you own a clothing brand named Grace, you will not use your brand name in keywords as most of the people don’t know it yet.

Instead you will use keywords like ‘’classy shirts’’, ‘’designer clothing’’ and ‘’blue jeans’’.

Using these organic words that people usually use in their everyday searches, you will gain more traffic on your page.

If your product and content is attracting and you succeed in gaining desirable traffic on your page, your sales will boost and your brand will be famous shortly. Then you can Use Brand Name in Keywords.

On the other side if you have a franchise of a famous brand like Armani clothing, you can use branded keywords for each of your items and people will rush on it using your brand’s keywords.

Knowing the difference and understanding where to put certain keywords helps you maintain Organic Huge Traffic on your Page.

Not Seeing your branded keywords in search

This happens when you consider a branded keyword for your site and put in your content thinking that it will appear in search but it didn’t. There are numerous reasons for this. For example, ‘’Amazon Sale’’ is not one of branded keyword because many other sites and pages are using similar

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