Understanding of Organic vs Paid Search in 2020 for Better Results

Organic vs Paid SEO

This debate is running from a very long time and the digital marketing experts have their own set of principals to describe organic vs paid search. There can be some experts claiming in the favor of organic search however, some prefer paid search. Let’s deep dive into the topic to understand the facts and analyze which strategy will work in the near future.

Organic Search

Organic search is a term used for traffic that is acquired free of cost by search engines and social media platforms. Visitors that are fascinated to your content by natural means. Organic search is the most preferred mean of getting thousands of visitors daily onto your site. It is extremely significant for a start-up to get early leads and sales generation so the front end of the business looks circulating and rising.

Modes of Organic Search

Below are the most favorable modes of organic or free search traffic.

·        SEO

SEO is a powerful technique of getting free visitors from search engines. Improving the content and website’s structure by using targeted keywords a business can grow organically. We have also discussed SEO in detail in previous article.

·        Blogging

Blogging is another mode of getting leads by writing about your product or service. Blog help a business to aware their customers about the advantages of products and services. It creates a feeling of trust and boost engagements of the users to your site. There are over 3 billion blog readers world wide which makes blogging a great strategy to generate sales or to grow brand value.

·        Social Media

Social media platforms are the most fun way of getting traffic for free. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, linked in, YouTube and Tiktok are the social giants having humongous amount of active audience. By using smart copy writing techniques marketers can shift audience from these platforms to their website.

Paid Search/Marketing

Paid marketing is rapid, it can take up to 6 months or more for a website to rank for organic traffic. Moreover, the ROI of organic search is slow on the other hand paid marketing creates a swift impact on marketing campaigns. It can exponentially grow the brand awareness resulting in more conversion rate and leaving with a large number of leads that can help generating sales in future.

Paid Traffic enables you to start quickly, which is awesome; however, a bigger benefit is that it will allow you to scale when things go perfect. If you test a campaign with a small number of audience and find that the conversion rate is more than fine and you can make a profit, then you can pay for more visitors and benefit from higher volumes of visitors buying your offer.

Modes of Paid Search/Traffic

There can be different strategies of paid marketing, after the research and analysis of the business and its potential customer a digital marketing expert can run a campaign on specific platform. Following are the mediums where a business can advertise and sell.

·        Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

It is a method of buying website traffic by showing higher onto the search results. Search engines allows a website to show up against a search query by taking a small amount of money.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

As the name suggests the advertiser has to pay every time when ad get clicked. It is a process of running your ad over websites while setting up a fixed budget and acquiring customers.

·       Social Media Campaigns

This type of marketing is very cheap and cost effective when creating a brand awareness as well as reaching to new customers. Marketer can target a specific group of people based on location, interests and other factors. Facebook, Instagram, Redit and Youtube are the main means of social media marketing.


As a digital marketing agency, we recommend you organic search if you’re a small or medium business. It will sustain your business for a healthy period of time. As soon as you feel growth in your profits go for paid campaign to upscale your growth exponentially.

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