7 Common Myths About Hair Transplant – Debunked!

Hair Transplant

Everyone loves the thick and luscious hair strands. And there is no exception to this. 

Some people are naturally born with healthy hair while others strive for this by trying a variety of hair remedies. 

Hair Transplant – Hype or Hope?

No matter for what reason, your hair health remains important not only for your overall appearance but for your self-confidence as well. I saw my brother developing this craze for long hair and from onion water to coffee, he tried every single home remedy. Over years, all this effort made him achieve his dream hair and years after this he started shedding hair abnormally.

Unfortunately, the fault was in genes. This hair fall pattern was hereditary and in his early 30s, he lost most of his hair. Continuing his passion for growing hair, he decided to go for a hair transplant. 

Only then, did I realize how common yet misunderstood this common procedure was! There were a lot of misconceptions and everyone has got a story to tell. However, after thorough research and gathering all the information he decided and underwent a successful hair transplant in Islamabad. But all the misinformation about hair transplants blew my mind. 

Common Myths and Facts about Hair Transplant

If you are someone who is looking to make a decision about a hair transplant and is confused about what to believe or not, then this article might be a perfect read for you. Here are some of the common misconceptions about this very common procedure.

1- Hair Transplant Results are Not Natural

Yes, many people tend to believe that their transplanted hair will not look like their natural hair. However, this is a myth. Transplanted hair looks just like your own natural hair. All you need to do is to choose a hair transplant surgeon wisely who can perform the procedure right. 

2- Hair Transplant is Painful

Well, gone are the times when surgical procedures used to be very painful. Hair transplant surgeries that are commonly performed are not so surgical in nature. Before performing the procedure, anesthesia is administered to the patient. One may feel a slight discomfort while getting the procedure done however, the procedure is not actually painful. 

3- You Will Get Thick Luscious Hair… Immediately!

This is absolutely not correct. Hair transplant procedures don’t give you overnight results. No matter what type of surgery you prefer, there is still a lot of time required to see the results. It usually takes at least 6 months to see a visible difference in your hair growth and make others see and admire your hair return.

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4- Hair Transplant is Not for Older Ones

Despite this popular belief that only younger people should get a hair transplant procedure done, we know that the procedure is for older patients as well. In fact, the results of hair transplants are far better in older patients and remain predictable. This is because the hair loss pattern is difficult to determine in younger patients and more evident in older ones. So, based on all this information it is clear that both younger and older ones can get a hair transplant done. 

5- It Damages Your Brain

Just because the procedure is performed on your head region, it doesn’t mean that it is gonna affect your brain. No matter what type of hair transplant procedure you go for, we know that the procedure remains limited to your scalp region and doesn’t go down to your brain area. However, one should still be very careful while making a decision regarding the choice of a hair transplant surgeon in order to minimize the risk of developing any side effects.

6- You can See the Scars on Your Scalp

Many people are afraid of getting this procedure because someone told them that they are going to see those visible scars on their scars. However, there is no truth in this. No scars appear on your scalp because the technology advancements have given us sophisticated procedures that leave no mark but only good hair. 

7- Only Men Can Get a Hair Transplant

There is no gender exception when it comes to getting the hair transplant done. Just like men, women also experience hair fall. Genetics, medical treatment or hormonal hair fall no matter what brings it, the problem for hair fall is there in women. Both women and men can benefit from this technology and get their dream hair. 

Your physician based on your hair growth goals, your current health and your hair loss extent can help you through the process of decision making about hair transplant and again gender plays no role here. So, hair transplant remains a completely safe procedure for both men and women.

Bottom Line!

Hair transplant is a common procedure that can help people to achieve their dream hair after they lose their luscious hair strands no matter for what reason. However, in order to make the right choice about your hair, make sure you stop believing these myths and talk to an expert beforehand.

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