Smart eCommerce Marketing Tools for Excellent Results in 2021

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First of all, let us thank the internet technology. The way it has saved us during the pandemic is worth mentioning. Being a store owner of an online store enables you to break away from the confines of a typical brick-and-mortar store. And that’s how it creates a sea of opportunities to reach out to and engage with your target audience.

Whether you are a baby entrepreneur, run a small home-based business, a startup, or a big business, using eCommerce marketing tools can become an integral part of your business’s day-to-day growth. Here’s to mention that eCommerce marketing isn’t something that’ll bear fruits overnight, but it requires patience and intelligence to bring the desired results.

Many companies hire marketing professionals, including email marketing experts, SEO professionals, data extractors, and strategists, to filter out valuable insights. But not all businesses can afford them. For them, there’s another kind of professional out there, and that is “the eCommerce marketing tool.”

A report by McKinsey showed that the global eCommerce economy crossed over $4 trillion by the end of 2020. That’s a huge raise!

Based on your business needs and size, you need to find the perfect fit of eCommerce marketing tools, and which offers you an advantage over your competitors. Combined with a smart marketing plan, an intelligent investment, and the right eCommerce marketing tools, you can grow your eCommerce store.

Types of eCommerce tools businesses need

There are currently a ton of tools in the market that offer different services. They all may be useful in one way or another but, you need to find the right match for your needs. There’ll be confusion, but take your time and explore them. Remember that you don’t need a tool for everything; you just want to make sure you have the basics covered.

Key areas that need help from automated tools are:

E-commerce platform

The e-commerce platform you find and select for your online business leaves a significant impact on your business’ success. Many tools and plugins come with built-in templates and modules of feed management for advertising. These modules easily help you manage your store more efficiently.

Email database & marketing

The correct email marketing tool will assist in collecting customer emails and then fostering customer relationships via email campaigns. They can also capture visitors’ emails even after they leave your website. You can create an automated marketing series to inform customers about your promotions, sales, and discounts. You can also use them to get reviews & feedback.

Search engine optimization

SEO is the heart of Google. By having the right SEO tool for your eCommerce business, you improve the odds that your site will show up near the top of Google results. By optimizing your website for search, you get quality leads, more traffic, and increased ROI in return.


All businesses need to see the progress. There must be some tool for it to identify the best performing products and create a strategy accordingly. You’ll see the number of visitors, people’s interests, and their actions on your site. The right tool can help you identify problematic parts and growth opportunities.

Social media

Being active on social media is a win-win situation for today’s businesses. You can easily interact with your customers and inform them about the special offers you have. Social media is the best way to promote your brand, and having a tool for it, will save you time and effort by automating routine posts.

Customer service

It doesn’t matter how many new customers you get if you cannot retain your old ones. And a customer stays with a business only when he’s happy and satisfied. Choosing the right customer service tool will help you create a positive experience for your customers.

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There are thousands of marketing tools, and it’s impossible to cover all of them. So, let’s talk about a few here:

Google Analytics for Powerful Insights

Analytics tools used for your eCommerce business help you understand your business better. By viewing all the necessary stats, you can make important business decisions. And luckily, it is a free tool to use.

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Using Google Analytics as your eCommerce marketing tool will help you improve conversions on paid ads, assist in optimizing your site content, and track visitor behavior on your store. Google Analytics is a must-have for any type and size of eCommerce business. It also offers reports in real-time to help you identify problems or opportunities.

Smart Yet Budget-Friendly Options for email marketing

If you have customers, you need to nurture a relationship with them, which can be quickly done via an effective email marketing tool. Using the tool, you can quickly run email marketing campaigns and get responses recorded.

Some of those result-oriented tools are:

  • Sender
  • HubSpot
  • SendPulse
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp, etc.

They all have different features deepening on the business type they serve, but choosing one of these options will help you create beautiful and attractive emails. After completing personalized emails, you can test them and set autoresponders to manage responses.

A few of these email marketing tools are known to assist in arranging webinars. In the COVID world, all meetings, shows, and seminars are conducted online, and a tool that supports you in handling everything remotely is a win-win.

As an eCommerce business owner, you need sales emails, promotional ones, and then follow-up series too. Using email tools, you can easily get built-in templates for each scenario. Choose from the pre-designed templates or customize them by adding custom HTML codes; all options are available. These popular apps also let you create targeted campaigns to chase cart abandoners and turn them into customers.

Intelligent Tools for Leads Generation (Secret to Win Customers!)

Marketing is all about getting customers and retaining them, So why not get help from the expert tools? Most successful eCommerce marketers have revealed that these lead-generating tools reduce their effort to 30% and give smart suggestions for capturing more related audiences.

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With these tools, you have the following amazing choices:

  • HubSpot
  • OptinMonster
  • ConvertPlus
  • ClickFunnels
  • MobileMonkey, etc.

Lead generation is known to be the heart of inbound marketing. And yes, these tools are vast, have multiple features, do everything to drive eCommerce success.

Reading about their reputation in the market, they are the top choices of eCommerce market leaders. Their customer base shows how these tools helped startups to boost their ROI. Lead generation tools are not confined to bring quality leads only, but they let you create landing pages, personalized content, email campaigns, customer forms, and much more. Also, using these smart assistants, you can manage interactions and relationships with potential and existing customers.

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Wrapping it All Up:

Setting up and running an eCommerce business can seem daunting at first. But always take time to plan, note down the priorities, and choose tools and platforms that can help in scaling the business. From thousands of eCommerce tools in the market, using even one of them could make all the difference to your business. Good Luck!

……Meta-Description: Based on your business needs and size, you need to find the perfect fit of eCommerce marketing tools, and which offers you an advantage over your competitors.

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