5 Simple Ways To Promote Your Products With Luxury Rigid Boxes

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The brand is built around the products, services, and the packaging, that is the most important corrugated cardboard boxes make luxury rigid boxes that speak for the brand among the customers and the competitors. Cardboard is customizable in term of shapes, sizes, and the designs on the packaging material that gives a professional and authentic presentation to the boxes. Custom logo on the boxes combined with the attractive and unique shapes like a window cut out box depicts the worth of the brand. Not only paperboard is attractive but it is also sustainable and economical. Wholesale customized boxes are the cheapest packaging boxes that meet all the packaging standards.

If you own a small clothing brand, starting a new one, or already running a successful one, marketing is that last piece of the puzzle that makes a huge difference. Every business does what it takes to get more sales and customer base but forget the most important factor that contributes significantly in doing so, and that is marketing.


Heard about Holy Grail? 

Well, marketing is your holy grail for the success you have been striving for. 

1. Custom Packaging 

The most effective means to promote your designer dresses and the name is customization. It allows companies to create a luxury rigid box of their choice in the most reasonable and economical ways.

·        Create a Personality Brand

Custom rigid packaging box that is made up of the strongest material to keep the delicacies safe inside the box and have some captivating shapes that enhance the appearance of the boxes with pleasing designs to complement the dresses; do you think it will not entices customers or spread a good name out in the market?


Quality speaks for the brand. Customer, to the least, takes 7 seconds to make their purchase decision whether they are shopping at a store or online. You, as a brand get 7 seconds to make your impression. The thing that matters the most is quality and it needs to be focused to instantly hook the customer up with your product. Custom rigid boxes with lamination, foiling, and embossing gives the luxury that sells itself. 

·        Brand Image

You will be known for the service, quality, and presentation of the products and dresses are some of the most expensive products that need high-end presentation, which no other alternative or expensive packaging can do except customized cardboard boxes. Attractive and brand-oriented boxes are free of cost marketing material that can be used effectively with some planning and clever designs. 

2. Branching Out to Social Media 

The world we live in is digital, especially since the last few years. People have access to everything, everywhere, and anytime. It increases awareness and creates unbelievable peer pressure because of the trends and following. 

To promote your brand it is the most effective medium that affects most effectively because there is always someone out there interacting with your content. 

Do not stick to one but branch out to every social media as even if a single person gets to see your stuff, it matters. Have you seen a rigid box manufacturers usa? They are not only about the packaging but how they present themselves on different social media;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest 
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Tumblr
  • We heart it
  • Flicker
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Even if you get a single follower or a customer from anyone on them or each, it’s great. This is exactly how the word spreads out. 

Social media does not limit you to just a few things but you can create a full brand out of an account as they offer business accounts for the companies to get the most out of it. 

  • Use quality images for your feed.
  • Be the stylist for your customers, create amazing look books. Customers are more likely to get attracted by seeing how many ways they can get styled with few products.
  • Optimize your name choices; be straight forward with the names of the products. It gets you to the right search or else you will be left out again.

3. Promotional Products

Tried and tested!

Promotional products are the most trustworthy medium to advertise your brand. Make your customers understand that you are the one they need. There are a lot of ways to use promotional products. Unlike conventional ways use box inserts, coupons, custom cards, offers, and samples with your packaging. You can always add a piece of new style of box that you are about to launch, for the customers so that they can touch and feel it. How about adding small sample miniature articles in rigid packing box?

101 marketing!

By seeing the article in person will make customers more convinced in getting that product. 

4. Blog It Up

You are reading a blog right now!

Blogs are important, always keep your customers updated and stay connected to them with your blog like we are doing. Let them know who you are, what you are creating, how you do it, how much customers matter to you, and what they can get by keeping up with the blogs.  Simplicity is classy! Be simple, precise, and minimalistic with the blog yet be compelling. 

5. Give what Customers want, Sustainability!

Rigid packaging and sustainability sound perfectly good!

Seeing the need of the hour it is important to do green with the packaging but have you ever thought that sustainability could be a promotional medium? Thanks to the awareness that people are inclined towards the responsible side of their actions.  The cardboard gives the most high-end and durable packaging that adds value to the product and the brand than any other alternative material that is as economical as cardboard. Wholesale cardboard packaging is the cheapest one that you will see in the market without compromising the quality, at all. 

Be creative and go with the essence of the brand and the product will creating any marketing material.

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