Classic and Elegant Rigid Boxes for Sale

Rigid Boxes for Sale

Rigid Boxes for Sale Avail the fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The craze of rigid boxes will never go out of fashion. This attained the level of a golden rule in the retail world. No matter what kind of products you are dealing with in the first place, getting rigid boxes for sale is the ultimate packaging move. Here is all you need to know about rigid boxes.

The making of a Rigid Box

Rigid boxes are probably the most common type of packaging out there. These boxes are also known as the ‘set-up’ boxes, mostly made out of cardboard. The significant difference between a rigid box and a cardboard box is the overall box thickness. According to careful estimations, the rigid boxes are four times thicker.

The making of a rigid box is the same as that of a cardboard box. Think of a classic shoebox. That is precisely what a rigid box usually looks like but with a thick structure.

Rigid Boxes for Sale – The Best Types

We speak of quality and precision whenever we talk about the rigid box. However, some unique types can lure customers to you. Let’s talk about them.

• Telescope Lids

Probably the class of rigid boxes used by almost every other retailer on the planet. The telescope boxes have two subclasses as well. The first is the full telescope lid box, and the second is the partial telescope lid.
As the name indicates, the full telescope boxes come with a complete covering lid. The custom-printed rigid boxes will cover the whole base of the box. They generally use these types of boxes for chocolate packaging. On the other hand, the partial telescope boxes come with lids that partially cover the base.

• Hinged lid rigid boxes for sale

Time to dive right into luxury. The hinged lid rigid boxes are generally used to enclose premium end products like wallets, perfumes, watches, and even jewelry. The overall build dynamics of these boxes are super elegant—the very reason why most luxury brands prefer going with the boxes.

Two main models of the lid are integrated within a hinged lid box. The first model includes a lid hanging freely under the influence of gravitational forces. A magnet is usually used to keep the lid attached to the box. The other lid model is the ribbon-made hinged model itself.

• Is flexibility a good option?

Flexibility is something out of the discussion in the whole concept of rigid boxes. The USA’s rigid boxes and rigid printed boxes are regarded as two separate packaging classes. So you, as a retailer, need to decide in the first step the type of box you want to go with. We usually use rigid boxes for packaging more luxury goods on a more productive level, the boxes store goods that need more safety from the external environment and abrasive damage. On the contrary, the flexible boxes are perfect for packaging and shipping products.

• Rigid Packaging with Partial finish

A partial finish is always an excellent idea for getting into the whole styling approach. The sales will skyrocket if you get a rigid box design that is partially finished up to perfection. A partially finished rigid is very easy to identify. The design tells it all. You will see that the box has no proper finishing from the inside. This is an excellent strategy for showcasing your products within the box.

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• Marketing at its best

No other packaging type can beat rigid boxes in terms of marketing. According to experts, they used the box for the first global product marketing campaign. Considering the overall build quality of a rigid box, it is pretty clear why marketing over it is a great idea. The box is usually four times thicker and more durable than a regular cardboard box. This eventually means that the product safety dynamics of these boxes are also better. As a result, any stuff embossed or printed over these boxes will last out there for quite some time. This is where marketing gets on the spot.

• Sustainability

The go green initiative has finally taken over the world. According to this initiative, retailers and manufacturers focus on reducing their carbon imprint with rigid boxes wholesale. Of course, there are many ways one can do all of this. But most corporate-level retailers are focusing on achieving this feat through packaging. For instance, plastic packaging is responsible for generating the most non-degradable waste. There is a specific limit up to which plastic can recycle. But on the other hand, packaging like rigid boxes is super durable and sustainable at the same time.

• Targeted industries

Specific industries contribute to the whole sales and manufacturing domain of rigid boxes. On average, the majority of the global sectors use rigid boxes one way or the other. But still, the usage of rigid boxes is something that we can restrict to specific industries. The most prominent one of these industries is the shoe industry. There is practically no difference between rigid boxes and classic shoe boxes. With time, rigid boxes came to rise, replacing shoe boxes completely. High-end luxury industries also experiment a lot with rigid boxes-based packaging.

• Suitable materials

There is no restriction on the material for manufacturing a rigid box. However, with the advancement in technology, the boxes are getting new and improved shapes. Plus, the build materials of the boxes are also changing dramatically. Major credit for this goes to the luxury industry always experimenting with these specific boxes.

Generally, rigid cardboard is the primary and the most widely used material in rigid boxes manufacturing. The cardboard is a great sustainable option that offers an exceptional level of durability. Plus, all the modern printing dynamics are also available for cardboard-based boxes.

Final Note

Going with rigid boxes for your product packaging is a great idea. There is a whole lot of creative space you can get this way. Furthermore, finding rigid boxes for sale is not a difficult task as the manufacturers are always ready with customizable options.

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