The Storyteller Studios

The Storyteller Studios

Whether you’re looking to capture the heart of a consumer, a key stakeholder, or a business, The Storyteller Studios can make it happen. With locations in the Midwest, they’re ready to help you capture your vision, and turn it into an unforgettable video.

Elisabetta Bracer

Touted as the’real’ aficionado since its inception in late 2008, Elisabetta Bracer has a penchant for the tidbits and tales. Despite a predilection for red wine and scotch, Elisabetta has an exemplary work ethic. One of the many accolades she’s been bestowed is the title of ‘artistic director’. One of the many duties she’s entrusted to is the curation of the museum’s nifty and intriguing collection of works. The best part is, she’s been able to take her aforementioned penchant for the pilsners and put it to good use. One of the many benefits of being a ‘pro’ is the ability to network with a likeminded group of artists, which is the oh so nice, oh so nice, ah so nice.

Alison O’Brien

Founded in 2011 by Scott Whitehair, Story Lab Chicago has been putting nearly 400 new tellers on stage for eight years. In addition to founding the studio, Scott is the director of Do Not Submit and is also on the board of directors for the National Storytelling Network. He has performed all over the world and teaches a perpetually sold-out monthly class.

The Storyteller Studio is an exciting, no-cost opportunity for young artists to create their own work. During a yearly residency, artists are mentored by an experienced Lead Mentor, and the selection process takes place during the summer. In addition to mentorship, the studio offers professional development, community support, and targeted mentorship.

Emily Dzioba

Located in Springfield, Illinois, The Storyteller Studios is a premier video production service that services businesses across the country. Their team includes a talented group of film and television professionals, equipped with the latest video technology. They can produce a wide variety of video productions, including aerial drone photography and award-winning corporate videos.

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The Storyteller Studio is also home to an innovative mentoring program, which pairs promising students with industry professionals. Through this program, students learn about the theatrical business from industry experts, including dramaturgs and playwrights. The program is especially helpful to students who are looking to make their mark in film or the theater.

Josh Hester

Whether you want to make an award-winning corporate video, an online marketing video, or a web video, Josh Hester and his team at The Storyteller Studios are the right people to work with. They create videos that connect people and capture hearts. They specialize in video for websites, social media, and special events. They service clients across the country. And their process is completely customizable.

The Storyteller Studios is an Emmy-winning video production company that has created highly sought-after corporate films and television commercials. They have over twenty years of experience in media production. They are based in Springfield, Illinois, but they provide services countrywide.

Liesl Eppes

Designed as a collaborative space for emerging playwrights and dramaturgs, The Storyteller Studios is a no-cost way to learn and hone your craft. The program offers targeted mentorship and professional development, along with community support. If you are interested in joining this unique and prestigious program, you can check out The Storyteller Studios website for more information. The program operates on a yearly basis, so there’s no reason not to apply.

The Storyteller Studio’s main mission is to promote self-determination in artists. This includes a mentorship program, a yearly awards ceremony, and a community of like-minded artists. The program is intended for young artists, and takes place over eight months. The program is led by an experienced Lead Mentor.