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Everyone earns to provide them and their families with a standard of living and a healthy as well as a delicious diet at the same time. Food is the most important thing in the life of a human being that is required to live, everything comes after that. Eating sounds really easy and satisfying, whereas Cooking food on the other hand sounds tiresome. 

In this era, people neither get time to cook their favorite dishes nor visit their favorite restaurants to eat those dishes. This is where smartphones play an important role. Now your food is just a tap or a call away. There’s no need to go far distances and too crowded places now when you can order your food at your comfort zone and binge-watch Netflix while eating.

Yes! You heard it correctly. Food delivery apps are the medium through which it is possible. They have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and have also been a boon in creating employment as well as generating a good amount of revenue for the company.

Advancement of Food Delivery apps

Once the industrialization phase came into action in the United States, very few people were left in the rural areas. Hence, the people began to purchase milk from the local farmers. Due to the lack of refrigeration, daily deliveries were necessary. This further led to a custom of milk deliveries among the Americans.

Gradually food trucks started showing up and people became more than happy to get food at their workplace. People started becoming used to this convenient method of consuming food. This food truck business then started affecting the restaurant owners. In order to compete with the food trucks, they started packing meals in small kits that the customers can take easily, and hence they saw a rise in the increase of customers.

Then, the restaurants started delivering food to their customers at their doorstep by just dialing a number. Finally, the idea of installing food delivering apps struck the minds of a few emerging entrepreneurs. Then, they launched a mobile app where people can order food online with just a few clicks. 

WorkFlow of Just Eat Clone Apps

After the starting of the smartphone era, a lot of food delivery apps have flooded the market. But only those with the best features and convenient methods stay to compete in the long run. 

In order to build your Just Eat Clone App, it is vital to know how it works, so, let us have a look at how the Just Eat Clone Apps works:

  • Sign up Process

Firstly, the user is asked to complete the sign-up process by using their respective mail or phone number.

  • Overview

Then the customers are presented with an overview of all the available restaurants in the specified area, based on the customer’s location along with the available food items and their respective prices.

  • Place Order

Customers can add the required food items to the cart and apply coupons, if any, and finally place the order. The payment can either be done online using any suitable payment method or can be received by the delivery person.

  • Order Received

The desired food establishments receive the order and prepare the food within the desired time to make it available for delivery.

  • Delivery Executives

Now it’s time for the delivery executives to collect the placed order from the food establishments and drive all through the insisted location to deliver the order.

  • Reviews and Ratings

Finally, the customer receives the order and hence, reviews as well as rates the food services and also the delivery services.

Key features of Just Clone Apps

In order to ensure the smooth functioning of the Just Clone App, once let us go through the salient features of this app:

  • Easy Registration

The first and the foremost step to enter these platforms is to register yourself with an account by using credential information like email or phone number. Adding on to this, this app allows the customers a hassle-free sign-in option, by using any of their social media accounts.

  • Table Reservations

Along with the option of ordering online food, the app allows the customer to book a reserved table at the desired restaurants in just a few clicks.

  • Advanced Search Bar

In an ocean full of restaurants and cafes, and a huge variety of available dishes, the customers can search for their favorite food and diner by going through the search.

  • Payment Methods 

These apps have a wide variety of scope and hence distinct payment methods like UPI, PayPal, debit/ credit card payments, cash on delivery, etc have been embedded in this to carry out the transaction process smoothly and conveniently. 

  • Chat Bot

To make the platform much more friendly to the users to use, a chat-bot is integrated with the system. Also, to enhance a healthy relationship an in-app chat option is provided to the customers to lodge complaints of any sort so that they can chat with the superiors through this platform to avoid any kind of confusion.

  • Reviews and Ratings

The app provides the feature to review and rate the activity in the app publicly. There is also a badge option to inculcate trust among the buyers. The badges are provided to the sellers based on this review and ratings, and hence the buyers can choose their appropriate sellers according to this. Thus, the customer support is quite strong here and any issue faced by the customer is solved truthfully.

  • Live Tracking

In order to avoid any kind of uncertainty and doubt among the customers and the delivery executives, the system is integrated with a worthy technique of live tracking. The customers can directly track their orders live through the app and collect their orders at the scheduled time.

How can the Just Eat Clone App help in generating revenues?

  • Connection Fee

The app owner can extend its network of restaurants by offering various discount offers and in return charge the restaurants to pay a fee for using this platform.

  • Transaction Fee

For every transaction in the app, a transaction fee will be deducted and the app owner will earn this. Even if the transactions are made and then canceled by the customers, a small percentage of the transaction fee will still be earned by the owner. 

  • Advertisement Fee

Promoting Google advertisements and third-party promotions can help in generating some revenues.

How to build an app like Just Eat

Building an app like Just Eat can be expensive as well as time-consuming. One must go through the ready-made clone apps that provide customization in all the possible fields. These clone apps can be modified according to the business needs and will also help in the easy release of your Food Delivery App. Know more about ubereats clone.

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