8 Benefits of Choosing an Agency Instead of In-House Team For Campaigns

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Several businesses have in-house digital marketing teams. Yet, despite the hustle and bustle, they fail to attract customers. Such firms need help from a professional SMO services company.

Can social media optimization services firms handle online marketing needs better? That’s a valid question. Here’s the answer. Let’s focus on eight benefits of working with industry experts:

  1. Insights into choosing the right premium tools and resources

There are several aspects of digital marketing. Professionals handle the same with the help of many tools and technology. Firms working on a tight budget can get the best out of free tools like Hootsuite and Google Analytics. These platforms can help in competitor site benchmark, keyword research, social listening.

But, investing in premium tools is crucial for accessing advanced features. These are necessary for scaling up your business.

You would need premium tools for automation, retrieving actionable analytics, and streamlining campaigns. Plus, choosing the best options requires insights and years of experience.

On the other side, agencies can pay for multiple premium software. They know what can help, where, and when. So, you won’t have to do the math or spend hours studying the benefits of tools. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram campaign, agencies have all the resources crucial for handling the same.

  1. Agencies know industry influencers

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have turned many users into content creators. They develop engaging content in the form of videos, photos, and stories.

Marketers thought of encashing their popularity, and this gave birth to influencer marketing. Today, the influencer marketing industry is worth between $5-10 billion dollars. An influencer’s earnings depend on how they keep followers engaged.

Influencers help brands by creating awareness about products or services among target audiences. They also contribute to conversions.

Finding relevant influencers, contacting and negotiating with them is a time-consuming procedure. And this is where social media optimization firms come into the picture. Marketing firms assist in choosing the best industry-specific influencers for the campaign.

  1. Grow conversions with a presence on prominent platforms

No points for guessing. Consumers use various search engines to find product info. They also visit the brand’s social profiles to authenticate credentials.

Studies have already highlighted the importance of an integrated marketing approach.

Before buying, many consumers search for competitors to the selected product. So, businesses should not leave any stone unturned. They must maintain a presence wherever competitors are visible.

Agencies can help ensure your business with the same. They have professionals knowing the ins and outs of all platforms. Thus, maintaining a presence on all social networking sites and business directories becomes easy.

  1. Professionals develop platform-specific content

Do you think you can create content for Twitter and paste the exact text with images on Facebook and Instagram? Nope, that’s not how it works.

You must have come across Facebook posts with Twitter handle @ sign. It seems unprofessional, erroneous, right?

The specs for content are different for every social media platform. And images suitable for Twitter might appear poor on Instagram or Facebook.

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What’s the solution? Work with an agency that has special content development teams for each platform.

  1. Marketing firms can align strategies with changing algorithms

As you are aware, search engines roll out algorithm updates almost every month.

But do you know that even Facebook and Instagram keep on releasing updates?

Agencies keep track of these algorithms and adjust social media strategies. They ensure your pages and profiles remain in good standing.

Unfortunately, plenty of social media campaigns end up impacted due to algorithm changes. In-house teams fail to focus on updates.

  1. Assistance in managing your limited marketing budget effectively

Firms must carefully allocate limited resources and funds for social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and content. Lack of a realistic budget plan can result in a disaster or inappropriate funds allocation.

You won’t have to worry while working with an agency. Professionals will evaluate the best and worst-performing platforms. Then, allocate the budget in a way that the campaign maintains strength and improves weakness slowly.

Scaling up your business becomes possible with the best possible use of the available budget. You get access to resources, knowledge, and tools that can open doors to a wealth of opportunities.

A powerful, innovative digital campaign can help create new meaningful relationships and reach untapped markets.

  1. Access the human resource you need

Recruiting and creating an in-house team of experts for handling digital marketing is not practically possible for some firms.

The cost of attrition is too high. Estimates suggest, replacing even an entry-level employee can result in an additional cost of around $30,000.  That number moves further to $312,500 in the case of a technical/leader-level employee.

Talent is either too expensive or hard to come. Plus, hiring someone does not make sense if you do not intend to run campaigns during off seasons for your business. Working with agencies is the only viable option for such companies.

  1. Back up and deadlines

In-house teams can fail a single point of failure, as every company may not afford to keep redundancy in place.

An agency, on the other hand, keeps multiple redundancies to ensure campaigns run smoothly. Multi-person teams handle campaigns. Automation solutions and software are in place to ensure tasks get completed as per routine. Campaigns always run as per plans due to group members who support one another.

Agencies have dedicated product specialists for web development, software development, designing, social media, PPC, SEO, etc. Companies even handle emergency on-demand campaign requests.

Agency teams work in coordination with your in-house employees. They can assist you in product or service launch as well as development stages.


Working with a local SEO agency can help in cost reduction and better conversion. Why not encash the opportunity? Consider getting in touch with a social media marketing agency today.

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