9 Tips and Tricks for Creating More Effective Video Ads

Video ads

Effectiveness of video advertisements

Video marketing is a must-have strategy that every business should consider. This is because video content is the most preferred form of content that people like to watch. These video advertisements also help in increasing sales and building brand recognition.

Creating video advertisements for your business will always bring good results. The market has shifted from reading a massive volume of text to watching an informative video. The reason being video content can be processed quickly. Video advertising is the rage right now, and all businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. 

How can you create compelling video advertisements?

Considering the many available resources in the market today, it is easier to create videos today than a decade ago. Earlier, people did not have access to the technologically-advanced gadgets that we have today. A decade back, people had to go to studios for photography and videography of decent quality. But today, a budget mobile phone can make good quality videos. However, limitations in the form of knowledge, practical usage, budget, time limit, and others can impact the development of effective video advertisements.

While every business and its goals are different, there are some rules of thumb that you can apply to create more effective video ads. Here is how you can create compelling video ads:

  1. Personalization is prime

There is more scope for experimenting with online video ads than television ads. While the latter catered to a broader demographic all at once, online video ads can be personalized depending upon the audience. 

Demographics such as location, age, gender, and more can be applied to creating advertisements. Furthermore, market research can help you understand your audience’s likes and dislikes, interests, and other important info. Personalized ads have more impact than generalized ads, and it’s time for your business to explore this. 

      2.   Include eye-capturing content

Unlike other advertisements, video ads don’t give you much freedom to spend time lurking out the main subject. Therefore, it is crucial to make the best use of the few seconds you get, starting from second 1. Otherwise, people will skip your ads or shift to some other video. 

Make sure to add exciting content to your video. Adding a storyline always helps, as long as it doesn’t linger around the topic much. You can use an ad maker to time your content and see its effectiveness in the video.

     3.   Add value to your advertisements.

Nothing irritates the viewer more than advertisements that interrupt what they are watching. This advertisement only builds resentment and makes it hard to capture their interest. By considering the demographic, you must develop video ads that hold some relevance to your viewer.

You get all the freedom with the ads you create. Therefore, aim to create only those video advertisements that add some value to the viewer’s life. For example, ads based on technology, fashion, and lifestyle will work the best for the youngsters. Your audience shouldn’t look at the advertisements as an interruption, but as a value-add. 

    4.   Collaborate with content creators

The content creators’ industry is the buzz in the market right now. Content creators already have a significant fan following, as their audience finds their work appealing and mesmerizing. You bring a newer audience to your business by including them in your video advertisements. 

Another benefit of collaborating with content creators is that they give more value for money than the most prominent celebrities you have. You will observe the engagement building up on your website as their followers will most likely support and purchase things they use. 

    5.   Keep it real

Over-the-top and unrealistic is so over now. People want to see authentic content on their feed. Sometimes, raw content can perform better than highly produced content. The specifications and the features you need in your ads depend upon the industry you cater to, but there is no need to create super standard video advertisements. 

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Stay clear of stock images and footage in your content. Instead, go for something that makes your advertisement more personal and human. For example, having “real” people in your advertisements can sometimes bring better results than casting a celebrity. 

    6.   Must include a call-to-action

Calls to action are not new in the market, but are sometimes overlooked in video advertisements. But with a specific CTA in your video ad, you will see a better response. Your audience should know from the beginning what you expect of them after watching the advertisement.

Without a call-to-action, your video advertisement is merely a video. Moreover, it shouldn’t manipulate, but motivate your audience to match your expectations when you include one.

    7.   Keep experimenting

Video advertisements would have been dull if someone didn’t experiment with new techniques. If you want your brand to stand out, you should be daring enough to experiment with more recent tools and technology. You never know which advertisement will strike the right chord with the audience. 

Without better technology and innovation, your advertisements will become dull and monotonous and fail to capture your audience’s attention. Consult experts and use an advanced ad maker to see if your experiment idea makes sense. If they do, execute the video ad flawlessly so that the response is worthy enough. 

    8.   Highlight the positive attributes of your brand

Video advertisements focus on building sales first by connecting with the viewers. However, if you are not showing your brand in the right light, the viewer will see you as no different from the many other brands in the market. Therefore, you should give your viewers a good reason why your brand should be preferred over the others. 

Your brand’s positive attributes could resonate with the audience. Additionally, you can use testimonials to build trust and faith in your brand. Make the best use of the screen time you get. 

    9.   Choose the right video type.

There are many video formats, such as skippable in-stream ads, unskippable in-stream ads, etc. Different forms fulfill different goals, so carefully select the video format that will meet your marketing objectives. 

For example, skippable in-stream ads are suitable for building leads. On the other hand, non-skippable in-stream and bumper ads help reach and build brand awareness. Make the best use of each format. Due to the popularity of videos, you can advertise any type of business. For example, if you have a podcast, you can promote it by including interesting small segments in the video ad. This is an excellent option for reaching out to a new audience. However, make sure your ad is accessible to everyone by including captions. It’s also a good idea to transcribe interviews from your podcast and post the transcripts on your website. Not only will people with hearing difficulties appreciate it, but your content will be easier to find when someone searches for a specific term.


Creating compelling video ads can be intimidating, but you can achieve what seems impossible by following the above methods, such as experimentation and calls to action. Whether you want to increase sales or build brand image, video marketing will always be an effective strategy. 

Although every business is built differently, there are some basic rules you can apply to make better video ads. But the rules have changed. Today, video content that looks raw and authentic can produce better results than highly product content.

This means going beyond the basic demographics of the audience and diving deep into their passions and interests. 

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