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Not a single businessman planning to open a restaurant business, not a single cafe or bar owner has the right to underestimate the importance of choosing the right equipment for the success of his business. 

The level of competition in the industry (in Kyiv, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine) is so high that neglecting at least a small part of the functionality, efficiency, comfort and quality in customer service means losing great business opportunities.

Bar equipment, whether it is dishes, industrial equipment, a bar counter or chairs, must meet the strict modern requirements for its quality, appearance and reliability.

Any professional equipment that you may need in your bar or cafe can be found in the voluminous catalog of the DSTO online store. 

The company specializes in the sale of professional stainless steel bar and kitchen equipment, including furniture (racks, counter tables, etc.) at the best prices. 

What Kind of Bar Equipment You Need to Have

A specific list of equipment for a bar or cafe is determined by many factors:

  • the concept of the institution (summer cafe, children’s or mini cafe, fresh bar, grill bar, coffee house, etc.);
  • characteristics of the consumer audience;
  • the width of the range of planned dishes and drinks;
  • area of ​​the premises, technical conditions;
  • financial opportunities.

The set of equipment for a summer beer bar and a children’s cafe, of course, will differ quite significantly. However, when it comes to bars, you need to talk about the basic, minimum required amount of equipment.

Of course, the necessary equipment is a bar counter, furniture, a refrigerator, a stove, a dishwasher, a microwave oven. This is something without which it is unthinkable to start work. In general, all bar equipment can be divided into several categories:

  • thermal ;
  • refrigeration ;
  • neutral ;
  • bar inventory ;
  • furniture ;
  • crockery and table setting;
  • equipment for preparing cold and hot drinks.

The larger the area of ​​a bar or cafe, the higher your financial capabilities and ambitions, the more opportunities professional equipment provides – from deep fryers to chocolate machines.

Features and benefits of professional equipment for cafes and bars

The work of each catering establishment directly depends on the equipment placed in it, and it is good if it is professional, modern equipment for bars and cafes. 

Kitchen equipment, like any other, is constantly being improved, so it is advisable to follow the news, take into account the nuances and regularly update the range, choosing really high-quality products.

Professional stainless steel equipment of all kinds (neutral, refrigeration, thermal and non-standard ) has common characteristics:

  • Universal design. The elegant and noble appearance of stainless steel equipment easily fits into the interior of almost any room, regardless of its style.
  • High quality and reliable design. Marox Catering offers its customers equipment made of durable materials and designed specifically for cafes, bars and restaurants. It perfectly copes with the loads typical for catering establishments.
  • High functionality, wear resistance, unpretentiousness in leaving. Stainless steel is not subject to corrosion. Equipment surfaces will not react with food and the spread of bacteria and fungus will be kept to a minimum. Caring for stainless steel does not cause the slightest difficulty.
  • Affordable price. All professional equipment presented in the online catalog of the Marox Catering website can be purchased relatively inexpensively. This also applies to equipment that is custom-made according to individual requirements.
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Useful Recommendations for Bar Equipment 

The speed of customer service in a bar or cafe and the quality of this service is determined by the functionality and trouble-free operation of bar equipment

There can be no compromise in this matter. The better the equipment for the bar, the more diverse the kitchen appliances, the more extensive the menu and the more complete the service. 

A bartender’s station, a professional juicer, a coffee grinder and a coffee machine, drink dispensers, a juice cooler, a sushi case and other equipment – all this is necessary for the professional work of bartenders. 

We can safely say that the equipment for cafes and bars is the hallmark of the institution.

  1. All bar equipment should be located behind the bar, providing staff with free access to each element. At the same time, the operation of one device should not create obstacles for the use of other units.
  2. It is very convenient to use exposition refrigerators in bars and cafes, which open an overview of their filling, thanks to glass doors, as well as functional showcases and minibars.
  3. Do not ignore the purchase of such important equipment for bars and cafes as slides, chests, refrigerated showcases for salads, shelves, racks, fresh stations, etc. Thanks to these elements, it is easy to properly organize the workplace. A clear and reasonable arrangement of items in a bar or cafe will not only help maintain order in the workplace, but also significantly speed up the process of serving visitors.
  4. If you decide to buy equipment such as a professional blender and mixer for a bar or cafe, you can significantly expand the range of drinks on the menu with all sorts of smoothies and cocktails at minimal cost.
  5. Professional stainless steel bar equipment is easy to keep clean to comply with sanitary standards.
  6. The presence of an ice maker and an ice crusher in bars and cafes allows you to make an ice crush – an indispensable ingredient in a huge range of cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
  7. Special refrigeration equipment for cafes and bars, designed to store wine, is guaranteed to provide the best conditions for expensive drinks. You do not have to worry about the loss of wine quality due to external factors.

The main advice that should be given to anyone who is concerned about buying equipment for an establishment where there is a kitchen is the following – choose only professional equipment! 

Let it cost a little more than a standard household one, but it has the ability to withstand high loads.

Durable materials and competent technical solutions make it possible to provide equipment with a long service life, which in the end turns out to be more rational than the periodic replacement of failed cheap analogues.

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