bodHOST Review: Best VPS Server Hosting at an Affordable Price

Several companies are looking to expand their business online. It is a space that has unlimited potential if you are willing to shoulder the responsibility that comes along with it. If you have a company of your own, you might want to become aware of all the aspects of the online sphere before you decide to take the plunge. A great web hosting service will provide the perfect foundation for you to build your online presence. bodHOST is known to be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a versatile and reliable web hosting service that can help you succeed.

Looking for a Windows and Linux VPS hosting service? In this article, you will find all the information you need to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting and why bodHOST might be compatible with all of your needs.

What are the Advantages of VPS hosting?

The major benefits you can enjoy with VPS server hosting includes:

  1. Reliable hosting

The best feature of VPS hosting is the fact that the physical server is virtually divided. So the resources assigned to you are yours alone. This ensures that no other user’s activity on the server will have any effect on your functioning. It is the perfect way to guarantee reliability.

  1. Total control

VPS provides you with root access which basically means you have total control of all aspects of your server. Your wish is their command. So you can manage it however you want. You are also allowed to customize it according to your wants. You can operate it with the help of the tech support team if needed. There is always the option to select a fully managed service that makes all the web hosting-related tasks the responsibility of your provider.

  1. Scalable

Based on your varying requirements, with VPS hosting you can easily scare your resources without jumping through hoops and taking unnecessary permissions. It makes the process a whole lot smoother.

  1. Safety measures

VPS sections off all the users even if they are all hosted on the same physical server. Hence other users are unable to gain access to your confidential database and the resources assigned to your business. This helps enforce strict safety measures that are in your hands to decide. You can get firewalls and several other security tools that can be different from other accounts on the server.

  1. Budget-friendly

VPS hosting provides you with all the advantages of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. You can enjoy your personal resources and part of the server without breaking the bank.

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When should you consider an upgrade to VPS hosting?

It is crucial to identify the signs required to upgrade your server once your needs change and your previous server is not sufficient to fulfill all of your requirements.

If you have to deal with exceeding amounts of downtime or your website crashes without warning.

  1. When you do not want any third party to supply any resources.
  2. When maximum uptime is a necessity along with smooth performance.
  3. If you want complete control over your entire server along with its customizations and resources.
  4. When you need a budget-friendly web hosting upgrade.
  5. When security is your main priority.
What is bodHOST?

bodHOST is a web hosting provider that offers ample plans and packages including dedicated servers, data centers, web hosting, spam experts, custom solutions, and much more. It is the perfect way to fulfill all of your unique needs. They have a great group of professionals that can help you through any issue you might encounter. Their technology is cutting edge and the latest in the market, which is a crucial aspect of web hosting. They have a great framework that offers a solid foundation, maximum uptime, server observation day and night, an SSD to boost speed, and DDoS protection.

What do bodHOST managed and unmanaged VPS hosting offer?
  1. Benefits of bodHOST managed VPS hosting
  • Tech expertise is not required.
  • Budget-friendly VPS hosting services.
  • Other crucial tasks can be focused on with the time saved.
  • Your server maintenance is done without your input.
  • 24/7 customer support via emails and live chat.
  1. Benefits of bodHOST unmanaged VPS hosting
  • You require in-depth tech skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  • It costs lesser than managed hosting.
  • You are responsible for maintenance and management, so you have to be diligent the entire time.
  • You have to take the responsibility for taking care of any problems that might arise.
  • What are the advantages of bodHOST’s VPS hosting plan?
  1. SSD storage
  2. Root access
  3. Money back policy
  4. Advanced security
  5. DDoS protection
  6. Customer support 24/7
  7. Maximum uptime
  8. Private environment
  9. Complete control of customizations and configurations.
  10. SLA
  • Conclusion

bodHOST’s VPS web hosting help websites find their home in a private environment so the activities of other users do not have a detrimental effect on your functioning. The best features bodHOST offers include advanced security, budget-friendly prices, and high customizations. It provides one of the best VPS web hosting services.

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