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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

With the advent of time the conventional marketing seems to be less influential for the brands and companies. Digital marketing leverages the marketers to run campaigns on social platforms on the internet. It takes less time to target the potential customer comparing to old marketing trends.

It is a process of influencing the customers over huge social platforms. Tech giants like google, Facebook, apple and amazon have revived the business game in past 2 decades. Massive audience devote their time on these internet sites. Smart marketer spends millions on these sites to get the maximum results for their brands to grow and sell their products or services.

A digital marketing expert is a person who has a knowledge of marketing and can run campaigns for the brands on internet. There are different specializations under the umbrella of digital marketing.

·       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the development of a website in a way that a site can generate organic traffic through search engine results. It is time taking method but worth applying for long term benefits.Optimization of the content and regular updates of the site structure are the key in SEO.

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·       Social Media Marketing (SMM)

In order to achieve marketing goal marketing experts, use platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit. Understanding the niche and choosing the right platform for the brand growth by posting different types of textual and visual content is key factor in social media marketing.

·       Pay Per Click Marketing (PPCM)

A very cost-effective method to reach the targeted customer. The marketer decides the budget, location and other demographics factor to run an ad campaign. The ad will be shown to the target customer if customer is impressed and influenced by your ad and clicks on the ad then a specific amount will be deducted from the total budget.

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·       Blogging

Blogging is a very powerful marketing tactic to present a product or service in a subtle method. It is also considered as the tactic for awareness marketing. A content writer is provided with a piece of topic/keyword and asked to write the articles on that subject. The writer technically places a call to action for a particular product or service in the content. That’s how blogging works.

·       Email Marketing

Collecting the lead for your business than sending email messages to your potential customers to buy products or take services in a smart manner is termed as email marketing. Email marketing is best suitable among corporate marketers.

·       Analytics

A digital marketer must be well versed with the analytics because analytics are the prime factor for the evaluation of the campaigns and business decisions. Each platform provides its own interface and different metrics that can help marketers to understand their audience behavior and needs.

Demand of a Digital Marketer

Rise of billions of users on the internet exponentially increased demand for marketing tactics on the internet. There are few people that can actually grow a brand on the internet and on social media platforms. The demand for real experts is huge in the industry because every brand needs considerable recognition among the audience and competitors. At the moment marketing gurus are earning in millions just sitting in their home and setting the right campaigns for the brands. If you are planning to dive into the industry it’s the right time for you. Get a certification from a well-reputed institute and find a mentor that can guide you to the right path.


All the above discussion can lead you to learn complete digital marketing, but it’s not the case. You just need to start from your own interest and excel in that aspect. Later on, you will grow as an expert.

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