Warren Digital and the Warren Digital Team

Warren Digital and the Warren Digital Team

The Warren Digital team works with a variety of clients to create effective marketing strategies that get results. Their goal is to help clients maximize their online potential. They’re an international speaker, certified Agile leaders, authors, and trainers. Whether you’re new to the world of online marketing or have years of experience, they’re sure to have something valuable to offer.

Warren Digital is an international speaker

Warren Digital is a leading influencer in technology and business. He has spent the last 15 years helping businesses transform and attract the right audience. His approach combines public relations, mobile marketing, and lead generation. Warren’s background includes work in business services, technology, and media, as well as time as an entrepreneur. He has been recognized worldwide as a speaker and trainer.

Warren Digital has won several industry awards and co-founded two companies. One was an eCommerce platform that was valued at over PS1 million within two years. The other is an online learning platform that helps people use social media effectively. He is a member of PSA, CPD Certified, and a professional speaker and has helped thousands of companies build their digital footprint.

He is a certified Agile leader

Warren Digital is an Agile certified leader who has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He began his career teaching Computer Science at a local university and moved into technology architecture and software development roles. Throughout his career, he was an active member of the local Microsoft community and was recognized as a Most Valuable Professional for 13 years. In 2007, he was put in charge of a team and became responsible for Scrum development and implementation. Later that year, he became a Professional Scrum Trainer. Since then, he has helped professional teams navigate their way to agile development.

Before becoming a certified Agile leader, Warren was a managing director in Deloitte Consulting’s Government & Public Services practice. He was also the Executive Sponsor for the IRS’ Agile Center of Excellence. In addition to leading the organization’s Agile BPA project, Warren also led an effort to develop Digital Studios for direct customer engagement. He later served as Vice President of Technology for Agilex, which is now part of Accenture Federal Services. He also held roles at Space Telescope Science Institute and Software Consortium.

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He is a trainer

Warren Digital is an internationally recognized trainer and speaker on social media and business. As a founder and CEO of two successful IT businesses, he is a seasoned professional with experience in all aspects of digital marketing. Warren has received various awards for his work. He has helped thousands of businesses to build their digital footprints and has become an internationally recognized keynote speaker.

He is an author

Warren Digital is a prolific writer with extensive experience in various areas. He has written books, articles, and blogs for his website and clients across the globe. His books range from SEO strategies to content offerings. He also writes weekly articles for clients across the USA, UK, and Germany. His books are available in both English and German.

Warren is also a media personality and a social media expert. He has won a variety of industry awards for his work. In addition to his book writing, he also hosts social media radio and speaks frequently on topics such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, and lead generation. His work has earned him the honor of being named one of the top ten most powerful social media influencers in 2013 by Forbes.

He is an EY Canada Partner

Warren is a 20-year strategy consulting veteran and a technology growth driver, leading digital transformation for some of Canada’s largest brands. His work has earned him recognition from Marketing Magazine and as one of the 100 “Thought Leaders” in the field. He was previously the Global Chief Innovation Officer for IBM and the Managing Partner for IBM Mobile. In addition, he was part of Apple’s partnership with IBM.

As a Microsoft Dynamics partner, EY Canada has a deep knowledge of the platform and will expand on that expertise by providing new digital transformation services and solutions. These services will help organizations realize the long-term benefits of their digital transformations. In addition, they will integrate AI and analytics insights into their systems to improve decision-making, visibility, and agility. These new solutions will help clients respond in real time to changing market conditions.