Top Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Top Keyword Research Tools for SEO

When it comes to starting SEO, usually it starts with SEO audit services and then proceeds to other activities. There are many factors that must be considered in order to rank your website, such as content, keywords, marketing, and so on.

Keywords have played a critical role in increasing website traffic and improving search engine optimization. You have to be sure about the keywords that you are choosing for your website. For this purpose and finalize the keywords, you should go for keyword research. 

Keyword research plays a very crucial role as you have to follow a procedure to get the right keywords in the written format. There are a few things that you need to know like the places where you can put the keywords, the tools you can use to do the keyword research, and so on.

The very first thing for you to know about is the use of keywords. Let’s dive into it without any further delay.

  • In meta-description – The meta description summarises the information on your page, and the keyword in the meta description might assist you in generating the traffic that your website requires.
  • In the SEO title tag- The next place is to use keywords in the meta titles. This step increases the chances of ranking your content on top.
  • Use keyword within first 200 words- Try to use the main keyword in the first hundred or two hundred words as this can help Google to go through the content and rank it accordingly.
  • Use the keyword in the blog title – The next stop for your keyword is the blog title because your target audience is going to search for the keyword content and this will make it easy for them.
  • Use keywords naturally – Google will rank the content higher where the keywords are used in a natural way.

Now, the time has finally arrived when you are about to know the tools for keyword research.


This is one of the famous tools for SEO people and if you want to know what you are going to get under this related to keyword research. There is a keyword overview where you can know about the traffic that particular keyword is generating, suggested keywords, the status of the keyword (whether the popularity of that keyword is increasing or not). SEMRush is regarded as the best keyword research tool in the world by all top marketers. Their entire toolkit can assist you with content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and more.


AnswerThePublic differs from most other keyword research tools in that it uses a distinct approach. They offer keywords in a great visual way, but you can also see them in a list or download the results as a.csv file.

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This is an excellent tool to try if you’re just getting started with SEO and keyword research because you wouldn’t even need to establish an account to use it. Simply type your keyword into the search box and see what comes up.


Many of you might already be aware of this free tool. Although it is free it work with full efficiency. Through this amazing keywords research tool, you can come to know about multiple things like the search volume, the difficulty level of keywords, suggestions about keywords, and so on. You are going to get all these things about keywords in this tool.

Google keyword planner 

The Google Keyword Planner is a tool that can help you find keywords for your Search Network campaigns. It’s a free tool that allows you to locate keywords related to your company and see how many searches per month they receive as well as how much it cost to target them.

Long Tail pro

You might be wondering what makes Long Tail pro unique from other tools then you should know this tool is there to show you where your keyword stands as compared to your competition. You can use this to look at the top search engine results for your phrase to see where you rank in comparison to your competitors. You can also keep an eye on specific keywords to monitor how their ranking for your content changes over time.


SpyFu reveals your most efficient competitors’ search marketing special formula. Search for any domain and discover where it’s appeared on Google in the previous 15 years: every term they’ve bought on Google Ads, every organic rank, and every ad variation. Also, learn how to connect to these domains.


The above-mentioned tools can help to achieve the most efficient keywords that can help your page to rank at the top of search engine results. There is one thing that you should know about is you can seek the help of professionals to do the SEO more efficiently which includes keyword research, SEO audit services, and so on. Choose the firm very wisely as there are multiple random ones in the market, search for the top firm and then analyse each and every aspect then only you will be able to land on the most promising firm.

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