TheOneSpy Review: Best Spy Software for Personal Computers


The moment the question of monitoring your loved one’s device springs up in your head, as you look to find solutions for the digital safety, your mind immediately goes to their smartphones. After all, that’s where most people spend most of their day. However, in thinking along these lines we often forget the significance of personal computers or laptops, which are also used by pretty much everyone these days — even if not with the same frequency.

Let’s not forget just as the cell phone can get one into trouble, or be a source of mischief, the PC or desktop devices too can be problematic. So if your primary concern is the security of the person you want to keep tabs on, you just can’t overlook personal computers.

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It is also important to note that apps don’t work identically on smartphone and PCs and hence it is critical that the apps you choose for personal computers are just as good as they are on cell phones, or in some cases, work even better on desktops.

And as you know, all apps I review are always personally tested by me, so you can rest assured that the review is always coming from first-hand experience.

The best spy software for personal computers that I have found, after checking out a wide range of tracking apps, is TheOneSpy. And here is why.

When it comes to PC spy app, TheOneSpy stands out in how it offers a unique monitoring platform. Indeed, it does provide you all the features, which we will dig into in a bit, but what also stands out for the app is its compatibility. You don’t want to be left disappointed by any app, no matter how glittering its features might be, just because it can’t work on your target device.

TheOneSpy works on WindowsXP and the latest Windows editions that have followed it. And of course, the app works on all the latest Mac desktop devices.

Among the many prominent features of TheOneSpy is its Spy 360 Cam which allows you access to a live stream of the video around the PC camera. You can find out what is happening in the surroundings of your loved one and their device. The Spy 360 Cam also provides access to audio recordings of the surroundings, so you can be completely aware of what is transpiring around the device.

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With TheOneSpy you can remotely record the target screen and monitor everything that is being done on the device. You will have the recorded activity on your dashboard and all you would need to do is press the play button to watch it.

In short, TheOneSpy best spy software will record the activity on the desktop when the user is using it, and its Spy 360 Cam keeps you aware of whatever is happening outside, where the device is placed.

Another critical feature that TheOneSpy offers for personal computers is key logging. This feature basically records whatever is typed on the PC and allows you to access it. This helps a parent keep a check on the language their child uses online, or the sites they view, and similarly allows an employer to keep tabs on what their employees are doing during the work hours.

Your dashboard will have a section where all the keystrokes will be showcased. In addition to texts and browser history, the keylogging feature will also allow you access to the various accounts being used on the target PC. Having the passwords of the target user will further help you keep a watch on them, and ensure their safety and security. Or if you are an employer, you can see how the employees are using the official email addresses that your company has provided them.

TheOneSpy would allow you to view videos, images, or websites accessed by the target device. It would also give you access to all the apps that are being used on the computer. Keep an eye on the time that is wasted by your child, or indeed your employee.

Like its cell phone version, TheOneSpy’s computer monitoring software is second to none. You get all the monitoring features in one place at market competitive prices.

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