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Well, indeed, things are not always as they seem. Sometimes the appearance can deceive you so hard that you may not be able to trust anyone again ever. I have been given the responsibility to mentor new employee and teach him daily routine tasks. His training was not under my job description but I thought why not as it will help the new guy. So I put a lot of effort into his training. Daily I would spend hours with him to teach him new tricks and tips. Honestly, I thought he was a smart and shy guy.

One day I was a bit overworked and under pressure so I said some mean thing about our boss in front of him. I admit I was wrong and I should not have done that but anger can capture your mind and its ability to think clearly. So the next day when apparently everything was back to normal boss called me to his office. He gave me the explanation later and assigned me tons of work as well as punishment.  I was in shock but before I grasped the whole situation he informed me that my promotion which was due for a while has been postponed again and another person has been hired for that position in the other branch office. I was about to blow with anger when I was told about the hired person he was the guy I was training for the last 6 months.

I left the office and started working on the assigned thing. Turned out he shared some screenshot of the message I sent to him in which I was mad at the boss and said mean things. It was pure betrayal but it’s true that in professional life everyone should be careful of everybody as they can be your work colleagues, not a friend. I can imagine so many of you disagree with this but it may be because you are still on the other side of delusion and may god keep you there for most of the time.

This all left me with no other option than the use of an employee monitoring app that offers spy app features especially live listen android ability. I am a regular user of the OgyMogy now, and it’s been a while since I  have been betrayed by any of my employees or subordinate.

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How It Works:

OgyMogy spy app offer mic bug or live listen to android feature that bugs the mic of the target person smart device. In our case, the target person is the employees and the smart gadgets can be a company-owned smartphone, tablet, or laptop. By using the mic bug feature user can listen to all the surrounding sounds, voices, and chats of the target person remotely.

Listen To Inside Matters:

I have since been assigned the duty of training tons of new interns and employees. I guess the boss thinks am good at it. But now by using the live listen android feature of the OgyMogy spy app I can remotely know about any matter secretly. In case the employees are going through some issue or have some personal problems I can take action to solve the matter under the table all thanks to the spy app.

Track Any Bully Intern:

Know about any bullied employees or person who threatens or harass others to make his work in the office with this feature. The best part about this feature is that one can listen to all the chaos and discussion whether official or unofficial. Track any bully and teach them the lesson they deserve by using the OgyMogy spy app for android.

Catch Any Corporate Spy:

One can catch a corporate spy or any suspicious employee by using the live listen android feature of the OgyMogy spy app. The feature uses the mic of the target employees to record any evil plan or random discussion of the suspect and let the user know on time. In this employer can catch any suspicious person or suspect timely to avoid huge damage.  

Give OgyMogy employee monitoring features especially live listen android ability a try and am sure you will be amazed just like me.  

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