The effectiveness of data analytics to measure returns in sports sponsorship

rands that incorporate sports sponsorship into their marketing strategy base decision-making on the effectiveness of data analyticsand the activation requests are no longer that fine print that appeared at the end of the contract, but multiple requirements based on hours and hours of continuous research. There is no other way to make the investment profitable in an environment that is increasingly segmented and in which digitization is gaining more and more ground, to the detriment of physical support. The motto ‘the important thing is to participate’ is something for nostalgics. The important thing is to win, and winning means monetizing the exposure of the brand in each and every one of the spaces in which the sports consumer connects with that brand. And seeing the hours in which we spend our time, social networks are unrivaled.

It seems that Covid is to blame for everything,

 but although it is true that in the last year it has left us many more hours locked up at home and glued to a screen – here the mobile is the undisputed king – addiction to social networks comes from before, and the turn of the brands towards the production of specific content that feeds that need also has its course. “Theory says that traditional television remains one of the most important engines of conversion for brands; It doesn’t matter if it’s broadcast TV, pay TV or an OTT like Eleven 해외축구중계 or Dazn, the game and the event itself is a great engine for brands.

 But, obviously, the growth and rise of social networks

Has brought to the table new windows to display content, new ways ofmonetize sponsorship . It has made our lives difficult and required more work, but it is really good for brands because each window usually means a totally different target or audience and is the perfect way to find your customers. You can easily define specific content and platform to be more engaging and engaging based on your goals.” This is recognized by Ramón Amich , director of Nielsen Sports for Spain and Portugal and speaker of our Master in Administration and Management of Football in collaboration with FC Barcelona .

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Currently, 4.2 billion people browse social networks daily;

 that is, 53.6% of the total population of the planet. The networks have incorporated 490 million users to their cause in 2021 (13.2% compared to 7.2% in 2019), a total of 1.3 billion people discover the world of social networks on a daily basis or, said otherwise 15.5 new users per second. Another fact: 90% of people with internet access use social networks an average of 2h25 minutes a day, and the average user has accounts on 8.4 different social networks.

Working with all the information based on data analytics

and applying it to the sports and sports sponsorship industry is the specialty of Nielsen Sports , a leading global consulting firm in the measurement and analysis of data from all platforms, understood as media of communication , and fans to offer solutions to sports brands and organizations in their goal of reaching their audience as best and as directly as possible, wherever they are.

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