The best cheap 144Hz monitors to play in 2022

144Hz monitors

Inexpensive 144Hz monitor this guide, we looked at the top nine inexpensive 144Hz monitors to play with. All nine monitors cost ~ $ 200 or less, making them ideal for budget-oriented players.

With the rise of e-sports and competitive gaming, players everywhere are looking for the greatest possible competitive advantage over their opponents. And one way to take advantage is a high refresh rate monitor that allows you to get the highest frame rate.

In the past, high refresh rate monitors were expensive. In recent years, however, the price of monitors with a higher refresh rate has fallen and there are currently quite a few cheap 144Hz monitors available. In this guide, we will evaluate and review the top nine low-cost 144Hz game monitors.

For a quick look at our best options for the best cheap 144hz monitor, the table below shows our best selection, our choice for the best cheap 27-inch 144Hz monitor, the best option with G-Sync, our favorite value selection, and our overall cheapest option.

1. Scepter E255B-1658A 24 ″ Review

Overall the best affordable 165Hz monitor

Of all the options in this list, the Scepter E255B-1658A stands out the most. Not only does it come at an incredibly low price, but it also comes with AMD FreeSync technology and has a refresh rate of 165 Hz – which is a higher refresh rate than all the other options in this list.

Another exceptional feature of the Scepter E255B-1658A is the design with a thin frame. There is almost no edge on the sides and top of the display, so it is a good candidate for use in a three-monitor configuration. This 1080P 24.5-inch LED display also has a fast response time of 1 ms.

Overall, a faster refresh rate, a ridiculously affordable price, and FreeSync technology are helping to make the E255B-1658A the best affordable 144Hz + monitor currently on the market.

2. Review Samsung Odyssey G3 27 ″

The best cheap 27-inch 144Hz display

For a little more than the Scepter E255B-1658A you can get a bigger Samsung Odyssey G3. Where the Scepter E255B-1658A comes with a 24.5-inch display, the Samsung Odyssey G3 offers more screens with its 27-inch screen.

Getting this extra inch and a half of screen space also doesn’t cost a ton extra. Overall, the Odyssey G3 is only ~ $ 50 more expensive than the Scepter E255B-1658A. And like the E255B-1658A, the Odyssey G3 comes with AMD FreeSync technology.

However, the Odyssey G3 does not have such a high refresh rate (165 Hz vs 144 Hz), but the real difference between them is unlikely to be significant. However, the E255B-1658A comes with thinner frames.

Lastly, if you prefer a larger 27-inch display over a more traditional 24-inch display, the Odyssey G3 is probably the right, affordable 144 Hz monitor for you. If not, you can save a little money by opting for the smaller Scepter E255B-1658A.

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3. Review Acer XFA240 24 ″

The best cheap G-Sync 144Hz monitor

The Acer XFA240 24 ″ is our selection for the best G-Sync monitor in this list. In fact, it is the only option on this list that is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync technology. And at just under $ 200, the Acer XFA240 is the cheapest G-Sync compatible monitor on the market.

It also has a response time of 1 ms and comes with built-in speakers.

All of these factors make it insanely good value for the price it comes at. So if you want to use NVIDIA G-Sync technology (and not AMD’s FreeSync technology – which is not compatible with NVIDIA graphics cards), then the Acer XFA240 is probably your best choice.

However, if you don’t mind choosing AMD’s FreeSync technology instead, you should probably take a closer look at one of the two options above.

4. Review Scepter C248B-144RN 24 ″

Cost-effective curved 144Hz monitor

If you are looking for an even cheaper 144 Hz monitor option, there are two options that are priced below the three options listed above. One of these options is the C248B-144RN Scepter.

The C248B-144RN is a 24-inch 1080P curved panel display with a response time of 3 ms and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. It also features FreeSync technology from AMD.

And it costs well under ~ $ 160, making it one of the cheapest 144Hz displays currently available. However, we feel that the curved panel and thinner frames on the Scepter C248B-144RN give it a little more value. However, if these two things are not important to you and you just want the cheapest 144Hz gaming monitor, then you can have the AOC G2460PF for a little less.

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5. AOC Review C24G1A 24 ”.

Cheapest 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Another ultrasound 144Hz monitor is the AOC C24G1A. The AOC G2460PF costs a few dollars less than the C248B-144RN Scepter mentioned above. And both monitors offer similar specifications. Like the C248B-144RN, the AOC G2460PF is a 24-inch 1080P monitor that has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and comes with AMD FreeSync technology.

However, there are a few differences. First, as mentioned above, C24G1A is a few dollars cheaper than C248B-144RN. And while both options have curved panels, the C248B-144RN has thinner frames. However, C24G1A has a faster response than C248B-144RN. (1 ms vs. 3 ms.)

However, both monitors are good options, and if you don’t need the slim frame design of the C248B-144RN, you can save a little money and get a C24G1A instead.

6. Review Scepter C275B-144R 27 ″

If you want a larger 27-inch 144Hz monitor that has a curved panel, the Scepter C275B-144R is worth a try. It’s almost $ 20 more expensive than the Dell D2719HGF, which also has a 27-inch display but has a curved panel instead of a flat panel.

The C275B-144R also comes with AMD FreeSync technology, a relatively thin frame, and a response time of 3 ms. The 3 ms response time is slightly slower than the 2 ms response time on the Dell D2719HGF, but it is unlikely to be visible in real-world scenarios.

Ultimately, if you don’t need the curved panel that comes with the C275B-144R Scepter, then you should probably save some money and opt for the Dell D2719HGF.

7. Review Viewiconic VX2458-MHD 24 ″

The ViewSonic VX2458-MHD is another solid, affordable 144Hz display. However, it is almost $ 20 more expensive than the A24’s G2460PF, despite offering a fairly similar set of features.

Both options are 24-inch 1080P displays that have a response time of 1 ms, a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and come with AMS’s FreeSync technology.

So if the price of VX2458-MHD doesn’t drop significantly, it probably won’t be as good a buy as the AOC G2460PF.

8. ViewSonic XG2401 24 reviews

The ViewSonic XG2401 is another valuable 144Hz monitor that is worth considering. It offers a very similar capability to the AOC G2460PF and Acer XFA240. And while both of these options come at a much more reasonable price, the ViewSonic XG2401 is an option to consider if it’s on sale.

The XG2401 comes with a 24-inch screen with 1080P resolution, which has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 1 ms. It’s also Freesync ready, so you have an AMD Radeon graphics card and can take advantage of AMD adaptive sync technology.

But overall, we feel that there are better options on this list when it comes to what you pay for what you get. The XG2401 will have to lower the price a bit to match the price-performance ratio of some of our best selections on this list.

9. Review of MSI Optix MAG24C 24 ″

Although MSI is not well established in the monitor market, they are a leading brand in the field of gaming desktops, laptops, motherboards, and graphics cards. So it’s no surprise that they produced a high-quality 144Hz monitor in their Optix MAG24C.

Unfortunately, the price at which the Optix MAG24C is currently coming gives it a lower price-performance ratio than some of the other options on this list. If you want a curved display, you can get a bigger Dell D2719HGF cheaper.

So again, like many of our honorable mentions, the biggest deterrent to the higher rankings of the MSI Optix MAG24C is the price it currently comes up with.

What is the best cheap 144Hz monitor?

The best cheap 144Hz monitor today is the Acer XFA240. If you are looking for a little higher performance, the Scepter E255B-1658A and its refresh rate of 165 Hz are also worth considering.

In the end, however, there has never been a better time to buy a 144Hz monitor than now. For about $ 200- $ 300, the nine options above will give you the opportunity to get a solid gaming monitor to help you stay ahead of the competition.

So even players on a tight budget can now afford to buy a cheap 144Hz monitor. Just make sure that if you are going to grab a 144 Hz monitor, you have a system that can do it. To get an idea of ​​what systems these monitors will support, check out our low-cost gaming computer kits.