Healthcare Digital Signage and What It’s Benefit?

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No matter if you’re a big hospital, a tiny family physician’s office or you are somewhere in between, the use of digital signage could bring a wealth of benefits to your business and your patients. While it is true that the well-being of patients should always be your primary concern, digital signage can aid you in reaching the objective.

Today, we’ll look at the benefits that digital signage offers, various ideas for content, and set up possibilities for digital signage in the health sector.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Healthcare

Digital signage for the healthcare industry offers a variety of advantages that traditional signage isn’t able to provide.


While traditional signage can be helpful, digital signage software can show many more details in a single display with digital signage. Digital signage can display interactive content, such as playlists of informational slides, high-definition videos, animations, infographics, and much more.

Engaging and entertaining

Waiting is frequently part of the procedure in healthcare facilities and doctor’s office establishments. Digital signage is the best way to entertain and entertain patients as they wait.

Traditional signage doesn’t draw attention as quickly and isn’t entertaining for long.

Digital signage can offer live TV, current stock and weather data, fun videos, social media feeds, and other media.

Quick Updates

Unlike traditional signage that needs to be designed, printed, or picked up, digital signage can be put back up each time there’s an alteration, or you wish to show something different. With digital signage, changes are made with just the click of a button in just minutes.

In addition, because healthcare digital signage operates on cloud technology, you can update your signage anywhere connected to the internet at any point in time.

Easy to see

Digital signage is easier to read and see than traditional signage because it’s backlit. Since it’s lit, it can be seen from further distances and even in dim lighting. This is particularly beneficial in health care as patients might have poor vision or look from a distance at a crowded waiting area.


Although you can alter the look of traditional signage, you can also have many more options for customization for digital signage for healthcare. Colors and fonts that you can customize and screen layouts both big and small and a wide range of content are only the starts of customization options available through digital signage.

Content for Healthcare Digital Signage Ideas

There are tons of excellent ideas for content for healthcare digital signage. However, here are a few of our favorite ideas to help you get started.

Waiting Times

The waiting process can be much more enjoyable with an estimate of how long you’ll need to wait. Digital signage for healthcare in the waiting area is a fantastic location to show waiting times in the present or estimate how many other people could be waiting for you.

Check-In System

Each healthcare establishment will require, at the very least primary data from patients, even if they don’t require a lot of documentation. Healthcare digital signage that is touch-screen can be utilized as a check-in device to collect data and accelerate the registration process.


There is no shortage of entertainment options with integrations, such as plug-ins and apps delivered through digital signage for healthcare. Live TV, historical trivia, or the playlist of your top hilarious Youtube videos and many more options for your patient to be entertained by using digital signage for healthcare.

Health Tips

Because patients are visiting your clinic to look after their health, a few guidelines on prevention, as well as healthy eating and habit correction, can be a great source of engaging and informative content. Utilize animated images and plain text or even video to show helpful health information on your digital healthcare signs.

Rules and Procedures

Each facility, including those within the healthcare industry, has procedures and rules which must be adhered to regularly for both staff and patients. Digital signage for healthcare can be an excellent method of educating staff and patients alike about the latest regulations and procedures, especially because rules and guidelines are constantly changing in healthcare.


Content for advertising is extremely popular across all industries that use digital signage. This is probably due to the fact that it reduces costs and could even function as an additional source of revenue in the long run. Provide paid advertising slots to local businesses that you can show to your patients waiting to see you and utilize your digital signage for healthcare to earn a little extra cash.

Social Media

Most people are connected to social media in this digital age, which means content that showcases your social media presence can be significant for your business. With digital signage for healthcare, you can incorporate your live feed from social media right into the content so that patients cannot only follow you but also take advantage of their waiting time to check out what you’ve been doing in the community.

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Health Digital Signage Setups

As we’ve said, healthcare digital signage configurations are flexible and customized to meet your requirements. Each setup comprises three elements: an LCD screen and a media player and software for healthcare digital signage app.


  • There are three primary varieties; however, all provide a way to display your information. You can choose to use standard LED monitors or TVs and Smart TVs or touch screens.
  • Regular screens are great as they are more affordable than other alternatives, and you might have an extra in your possession.
  • Smart TVs can eliminate a particular media player requirement since they are integrated.
  • Touch-screens are a must-have for interactive content like your digital health sign check-in. Touch-screens are also often equipped with an embedded media player, mainly using tablets.

Media Player

Media player components mediate between your display and the digital signage program. There are players that fit all budgets; however, each supports content differently. For instance, a budget media player might run basic content well, but it cannot handle high-quality content like many high-definition video clips or animations… Have a look at our findings below to locate a media player within your budget that will work with the type of content you want to see.

Healthcare Digital Signage Software

The final part of your digital signage setup is the digital signage software. The software for digital signage is the one that manages the publishing of your information. But there are a few that are made to be used in healthcare. Find out which attributes make up the most effective digital signage software for healthcare and determine the ideal choice for you.

It’s the Best Healthcare Digital Signage Software

Not all digital signage program for healthcare has been made equal. Here are a few features you should be looking at when starting.

Built-in Content Editor

The software for digital signage may not all come with a built-in editor for content. Sometimes, you need to create your content in another place before uploading it to your digital signage administration. This is a lot more time-consuming to complete and usually will require you to purchase another subscription. A digital signage program with an integrated editor with full features can save you time, money, and frustration.


As healthcare digital signage is composed of three elements. As stated above, compatibility with hardware and choice can be a major problem if the software you choose isn’t universally compatible.

Certain digital signage software requires proprietary hardware, which drives up the price and might not be appropriate for all situations. Make sure to choose digital signage software compatible with all major operating systems and doesn’t need specific hardware.


In healthcare, it’s essential that all digital information is safe, however not all digital signage software offers the same security features. Find a firm that provides two-factor authentication, a pen test, monitoring passwords, and much more.

Simple Pricing

It doesn’t matter if your health digital signage is big or small, having clear pricing that doesn’t cost for each upgrade or feature is essential. In the end, you do not want to blow your budget to educate and keep your patients entertained.

Get started by Play Digital Signage

At Play Digital Signage we have created one of the most popular software products available, and we have designed it to be perfect for use in the healthcare sector. The Play Digital Signage software offers the same features like those mentioned above, plus many additional features.

Based on the cost structure, which only lets users pay for what they need?. The most important one is our fully-featured built-in editor for content due to our broad range of compatibility with virtually every player or screen and a myriad of security features. You’ll find it difficult for a superior organization to host your digital healthcare signage.

Start by registering with Play Digital Signage in three simple steps. You can also look at ten screens without cost to test the benefits that healthcare digital signage could provide for you.

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  3. Select your favorite player. Look over our helpful guide to help you find the right player for you.

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