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It is up 12.5% ​​from 2017, naturally supported by the millions of industries large and small around the world that invest in and promote their brands through events, competitions, teams, federations and professional athletes. In fact, the alliance between brands and sports is still incomparable, absolutely invincible not only as a company, but also against the gigantic entertainment industry. And it’s that in 2018 alone, sports sponsorship increased by 12.5% ​​until it generated a profit of more than $255,000 million, according to data published in a global report by the head of sports marketing firm Euromericans Sport.

Favorable prospects.

These numbers are just a small part of what is expected from the industry through sports marketing. At the end of 2018, traditional advertising resources increased by 13% compared to the growth of investments in the digital sector, which amounted to more than 32%. Similarly, a third of the profits that brands put into 해외축구중계 and their subsidiaries goes to leagues, especially North American ones. And it is well known that Europe, after the USA and the Super Bowl, the most watched sporting event in the world, is in the spotlight with its football competitions attracting the attention of millions of fans.

How has COVID-19 affected sports?

The sports industry was one of the first to be hooked by the coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of 2020, life has changed for all of us, and imprisonment has put pressure on many sports-related businesses. This was expected to be a big investment year with significant commercial growth, but the pandemic and the suspension of sporting events have forced entrepreneurs to look for other ways not to lose visibility, money or time.

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Despite the difficult scenario we’ve been through since then, sports marketing has been presented as an effective channel of action that should not be left unaddressed. Either through e-commerce or ads on Google and Facebook, it was possible to stand out in the midst of a crisis. Many companies and retailers focused on selling NBA merchandise didn’t suffer big losses, instead they continued their growth forecasts for the year due to the need to exercise for a small population looking for alternatives to staying at home. .

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