Reasons why you should go for a mechanical keyboard


A lot of people have been moving from their standard keyboards to mechanical keyboards. But what makes a mechanical keyboard any different?

This is exactly what we will be discussing in this article, as well as some reasons that may make you want to switch over. But, first, let’s discuss what types of keywords are available. However, there’re a lot of mechanical gaming keyboards which you can buy for Just Under $100.

Types of Keywords

There are 2 main types of keyboards for gamers, standard ones, and mechanical ones.

Standard Keyboards:

Stander keyboards are usually found in any office around the world, while mechanical keyboards are usually specific to computers design for gaming. These also tend to be more expensive than your standard keyboard. That said, if you want a better experience or performance out of your keyboard, it may be best to switch. 

Mechanical Keyboards:

Mechanical keyboards design for gamers and use individual switches under each key, while standard keyboards will have a single membrane underneath the whole board. This allows you to press a key without fear of another key press, ruining your gameplay.

Mechanical boards will typically last longer than standard ones because they don’t rely on flimsy membranes that break easily when spilled liquids fall upon them or from general wear and tear over time. Some mechanical brands even claim to have a life span of up to 50 million clicks! Another advantage is that it makes less noise than a standard keyboard can due to its design, making it perfect for those who like silent devices.

Types of Keyboard Switches

Now that you know what mechanical keyboards are, let’s discuss the switches that these keyboards use. There are 3 major types of switches for mechanical keyboards, each with its own unique feel and sound.

Linear Key Switches:

These types of switches give you the same resistance throughout the whole key press, this allows for quick presses but can make double tapping or pressing two keys at once more difficult than other designs.

Clicky Key Switches:

This type of switch has a distinct audible click heard when pressing down on the key, it also provides an actuation point where there is no resistance before fully pressed down, unlike linear switches. This means that if you push your finger into the key just far enough to get past the actuation point, it won’t register and so you can double tap and press multiple keys at once.

Tactile Key Switches:

This type of switch has a bump when the actuation point reach allowing for easier double tapping or pressing multiple keys at once without worrying about miss key presses.  It also means that there is no resistance until this bump is press down, which allows for fast response times when gaming.

Now that we know what switches provide what feel and sound, let’s discuss why you would want to get a mechanical keyboard over a standard one.

9 reasons why you should go for a mechanical keyboard:

  1. Mechanical keyboards are way more durable than standard ones (especially in intense gaming situations) and will last for ages, according to their maker.
  2. They are easy to clean and maintain
  3. The switch design makes it easier for keys to press down at the same time without ruining your gameplay
  4. They are more resistant to liquids than standard keyboards are due to their sealed switches
  5. Mechanical boards make with less flimsy parts that can break easily or lose responsiveness over time
  6. The sound that the mechanical switches make when press is satisfying and lets you know instantly that you have done something correctly during play
  7. It’s aesthetically pleasing because of the way the keyboard looks under your hands as well as customization options like RGB lighting effects etc… (Although this doesn’t affect performance)
  8. It has a longer life span than standard keyboards
  9. It is more comfortable for your hands (especially if you game a lot) because of the ergonomically designed keys and wrist support
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Well there you have it, that’s my top 9 reasons why everyone should get themselves a mechanical keyboard! There are still several manufacturers out there making different types of switches but these are supposedly the best ones to use and will last the longest although I haven’t tried them myself.

How to Choose The Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

So you decided that you want to go ahead and purchase yourself a mechanical keyboard, but now what? There are so many switches, brands, customization options all over the place. So I have put together this short list for choosing the best one according to your needs.

  1. Which switch type do you want?

If you are unsure about which keys would feel good for you in the game then grab something with tactile keys. Tactile boards give an audible bump when pressing down on the key in order to know when it has fully press down due to its unique design.

  1. The price that suits You:

Generally speaking, more expensive does not always mean better quality. Yes, it’s probably make of higher materials but there are plenty of keyboards out there with great quality switches that can buy at a good price. There are also some great deals on the internet so look around before you decide!

  1. What color scheme suits You?

Do you want RGB lighting effects or just simply one color to match your system etc… Options are limitless so find what looks best for you!

  1. The size of the keyboard:

If it’s your first time getting one then I recommend something not too big nor small, try get one that fits in your hand comfortably when typing/gaming. It goes without saying that ergonomically designed keyboards are nice to have if you type or game for hours together or suffer from RSI (repetitive strain injury).

Final Words:

Despite their high price point, mechanical keyboards are still the best ones to go for if you want a keyboard that is durable and will last for ages. If you take care of one (by keeping it clean) then they can also be pretty reliable even in intense gaming situations. I recommend looking on the internet and checking out the different options out there before you make your final decision. I hope this helps you in choosing the best mechanical keyboard for yourself, thanks for reading!

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