MRF Cricket Bat Series Reviewed

MRF Cricket Bats are designed and manufactured in India under licence of MRF International. The bat manufacturing company started its operations in 2021. It has established itself as a leader in the market with a wide range of cricket equipment and accessories. MRF bats and other cricket equipment are sold all over the world by private vendors and sports stores.

All MRF cricket bat are manufactured in a small factory located in Chennai, India. Made of premium high quality wood, this is an aluminum bat with a pick-up butt. The bat comes in various finishes such as gloss, flat gold, and flat silver. This bat has a big sweet spot and a long distance. The bat comes with a one year warranty.

Bat length would recommend

This bat length would recommend a maximum of twenty five yards on the bat for regulation matches and close games. I would recommend a maximum of thirty yards if I was in the field and my team was playing an away game. The bat length should be just right to enable you to swing the bat with confidence and power. Twenty-two yards is a good length to start with your introduction to the game, but do not get too carried away and try for forty yards at the first ball. Twenty four yards is a good length to begin with your introduction to the game.

MRF bats with the exception of the bats mentioned above are manufactured with a round blade. The reason for the round blade is to reduce the likelihood of slice shots. A big slice could hit the outside edge of the ball or the top of the foot of a player. When the blade is flat to the ground this reduces the possibility of a big slice. The result is that a good number of shots will be unplayable due to sliced shots.

MRF manufactures cricket equipment

MRF manufactures cricket equipment in three different sizes to fit the exact specifications of each player. There are the Premier, Pro and Mini. Each size has a different specification compared to the other two sizes. The Premier bat is built for the professional player who plays for more than fifteen or twenty minutes a game on a consistent basis. The Premier bat is built with a contoured top of the shaft that fits comfortably on the player’s hand. The exact square toe construction of the MRF bat is what helps to ensure a comfortable fit.

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The second size of MRF bat is the Mini bat. The main difference between this bat and the Premier bat is that it does not have an exact square toe construction. The corners of the bat are stitched to fit into the corners of the player’s hand. As compared to the Premier bat, the Mini bat is lighter and smaller than the Premier bat. However, the advantage of the lightweight construction is not seen as a disadvantage because there are more MRF bats manufactured compared to the total number of bats made by all other companies.

Third type of MRF cricket bat

The third type of MRF cricket bat is the abd elite bats. These bats are manufactured with an aluminum frame that has a sweet spot that is rectangular in shape. The sweet spot has larger areas of curvature. This helps to increase the launch angle of the ball and also improve its accuracy. The abd elite bat has an aluminum head as well as a reinforced grip which is built for comfort.

Based on the tests carried out by experts, it would recommend that MRF cricket bats should be used only when required. If any other equipment is required, it would not do any harm to use it. However, regular wiping of the hands with anti-bacterial hand cloths would help prevent any bacterial growth and help in knocking in the stumps. Wiping of hands with alcohol or with a wipe used for washing clothes is not recommended as this could lead to long-term damage.

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