Indian Government aids students across categories to encourage education – An Analysis


In India, we have always blamed the government for not doing its job properly. The government has always received more criticism than praise. We have seen many schemes set up by the government to support infrastructure, the standard of living, education, etc. All these schemes mostly remained on paper and rarely reached to people or the beneficiaries for whom the schemes were made. Some segments of people, particularly the BJP government supporters, may not agree with this though. All thanks to the high corruption rate in our country that all the benefits of these schemes are enjoyed by the ministers and their relatives instead of the citizens. Just like helping other segments of society, the government has also made several schemes to support the education of students from the country. Let’s see if students are actually receiving the benefits or not.

I remember an old social media post while writing this article. The picture compares campuses of private and government schools and houses of private and government school teachers. It shows the private schools having 5 stars like infrastructure and their teachers having dilapidated or ruined houses. On the other hand, the government school campuses are completely ruined and the government teachers have built luxurious bungalows for themselves. Can you relate to this? You must have seen this too. Private schools focus on providing better service to their customers i.e. their students and care lessabout their employees i.e. teachers. Private entities had always been known for exploiting their human resources. Whereas the government pays their teachers abundantly without focusing on the students. I don’t know if the government believes a highly paid teacher will give good education to students or what. They just ignore the conditions where students are to be learning. Few government schools don’t even have a bathroom. There’s a lot more to criticize but let’s have a look at good things as well.

Recently the Karnataka government announced that Ukraine returned students can complete their education in the public or private colleges of the state. They will not actually be absorbed in the college but they will be completing their syllabus and courses. There will be no additional fees charges from these students. In a few other states, the government has allowed the students to complete their internship in government medical facilities as well. Well, it doesn’t sound much but it is actually a great help to the students whose study has been affected because of the war. Studying abroad requires a lot of procedures. These students must have contacted transcript service providers first to get their GTU transcript, school transcript or their respective academic transcript. Then they would have gone through lengthy immigration processes and finally got admission to Ukraine for their medical courses. The government is trying its bit to check these students’ effort doesn’t go waste.

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The government also provides subsidies to bright students pursuing their graduation or post-graduation in government institutes. There are fee waiver schemes. There are scholarships and grants to encourage students to complete their studies. All schemes are there in their place. A huge amount of money is allotted every year to such schemes in the annual budget of the country. But how many students actually received these benefits are hard to track. Similarly, on the primary level, the government is running mid-day meal schemes to encourage students from the poorer section of the society to come and attend school, at least to have their meal. But would these students attend school for a meal comprising uncooked rice and water-filled dal? Learning in school is just a secondary thing for them. The money allotted to provide nutritious food is eaten by officials and small kids are left with a plate with uninteresting food on it.

Everybody knows there is a good side and a bad side to everything. While the government has set up several schemes to encourage students to complete their school, graduation and post-graduation, benefits of a major portion of them are not available to students. As long as the government doesn’t take strict measures to curb corruption, the benefits can’t be fully utilized, especially for those who are uninformed. Are you also the one who is planning to go abroad for your higher studies? Do you know various scholarship and grants schemes government has in place for you? Well, you can contact worldwide transcripts for such information. We are the premium transcript service providers helping students with GTU transcript, MU, DU or any other transcript, ECA, WES, certificate attestation and other documentation services they need for their foreign study formalities.

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