How to Secure Your Data with Some Best Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup Services

With the growing dependence on data, it is imperative that enterprises invest in a reliable backup solution. With data at risk of being lost or damaged, you need to ensure that it is safe. There are various dangers like natural disasters and cyberattacks. To make your data safe, think about what can happen before it does happen. In this blog post, we will share some best cloud backup services. Unfortunately, companies invest too much in IT Solutions to secure their data and network from hacking.

The cloud is a great place to store your data and keep it safe. The cloud is an excellent way to store all your data. But there is always a risk that something could go wrong, and you might lose it all. This blog post will cover some of the best cloud backup services which can help you back up your data. They will save everything on their servers to keep it safe.

Cloud backup services are becoming more popular. More people want to be able to use their phone or laptop even when they’re not at home. This is what cloud backup services provide. However, companies with limited budgets have a hard time finding the right company. There are so many different ones that it can be hard for them to find one that fits their needs and budget.

If you’re a small business owner, your data is likely of the utmost importance to you. You work hard for it and want to keep it safe. How can you back up all your files, so they are protected in case something happens? Here are some of the best cloud backup services that will help secure your data and never get lost again.

Backup your data regularly to be always up to date and safe:

It’s essential to keep a copy of your data somewhere else. That way, if something happens to the original, you’ll still have access to it. You can store a copy of the data on a flash drive, external hard drive, CDs, or DVDs. But these aren’t very safe because they are easy to lose and damage. Cloud storage services have made it easier for businesses to back up their valuable data without taking too much time or risking any loss. Unfortunately, a professional IT Solutions Company can only understand your actual organizational needs and the importance of backup for you. So they hire the most expensive security analysts to secure their client’s data.

What are the best cloud backup services?

It’s not an easy task to find one that fits both your needs and budget. There are many online backup services available, but not all of them are created equal. So how do you find one that will keep your valuable information secure? Here are some of the best cloud backup services out there. Veeam backups are also very professional in the backup field, and you can use them for data backup.

There are many different cloud backup services out there, but we’ve chosen three of our favorites and compared them. Then, we looked at their pricing and features to determine which one works best for your business. We also took a look at any extra fees or limitations that might apply once you sign up with each service.

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The home-based plan starts from $59/year, the Business-class plan (50GB) starts from $99/year, Unlimited data storage plan costs $199/year. Set it up in the office or use the mobile app to access your files on the go. You can recover lost or deleted files by doing a standard restore or an instant restore if you need it at any step.


Home-based plan starts from $4.95/month, Business-class plan (25GB) costs $11.99/month. There is a free version of Mozy available. Still, it has its limits and restrictions, such as a limited amount of time to retrieve files you delete before they are permanently deleted or no file sharing support. You can recover lost or deleted files by doing a standard restore or an instant restore if you need it at any step. However, you can’t get older versions of your backed-up files with Mozy’s business plan.

SOS Online Backup:

Home-based plan costs $59 per year for 100GB storage, Business-class plan offers up to 50GB. But Veeam backup is an enterprise-level backup solution for your organizational data.

Encrypt your files and folders with encryption software like VeraCrypt, True Crypt, or BitLocker:

If your files are under good encryption, then no one will be able to decrypt and use them against you if they are stolen. Your files in any encryption standard are only accessible to you, and you can only open them with your private key.

Sync your files with Dropbox, SkyDrive, or Gdrive (On Google Drive):

If you copy-paste your essential data in cloud storage like Dropbox, it will be automatically synced with other systems and save time to transfer data once again.

Use iCloud, Amazon S3, or pCloud:

iCloud is best for Apple Device users as apple doesn’t allow third-party software easily on their device, so use iCloud for better sync of your devices. On the other hand, Amazon S3 has good bandwidth availability, but the cost is high, whereas Pcloud has more GBs free accounts with bandwidth availability. So, choose any one of them depending upon your needs.

Store the encrypted file on a USB drive to avoid losing it when you lose access to the internet:

Local backup of files is always a good idea to prevent you from data loss. You can store the encrypted file on a USB drive and carry it along with you so that there is no chance of data loss, even when you lose internet access. Use robust, tried, and tested encryption software like AES Crypt for this purpose.

Backup your iMessages:

iMessage is one of the most critical files on our device as they contain conversations between us, so it’s necessary to keep them secure somewhere. So, make sure to save your messages on email or use dropbox or google drive, which backs up all types of files, including iMessage.


If you are looking for the best way to protect your data, look no further than IT Professional Services. They are a team of experts who can help secure all of your devices and data with their top cloud backup services. Contact them today if you want more information on how they can keep everything safe from hackers or other threats!

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