Cloud Backups – The Best Way to Protect Website Data

Cloud Backup Services

There are several threats to your website that can harm it and cause you to lose all of your data including malware, viruses and several malicious attacks that could prove extremely detrimental. This can happen without any kind of warning, so in the absence of a backup, the downtime you will have to face could prove to be extremely harmful to your website. 

Additionally, you will have to spend a lot on getting your setup back to normal. Let’s take a look at what comprises cloud backups and how they can secure your website data in the best way possible.

What are cloud backups?

Cloud backups include your website apps and data being saved as a backup on a remote server. Businesses choose the cloud as their backup option as you can easily restore the data you have lost in case of disaster. There is a whole separate location that is used to save your data in cloud backup. You can choose to save any part of your data, or even all of it if you want.

Customers, more often than not, backup their data with the help of a control panel offered by the web hosting provider or a web browser. The best cloud server backup is crucial for the majority of businesses today because their data is sensitive and irreplaceable. There are several cloud backup advantages that include:


There is a potential for even startups to start attracting more traffic and growing in terms of the services they offer and the features they use. Along with this, businesses are dealing with huge amounts of data, both their own and those belonging to the customers. It helps them run their business better and focus out in the right direction. This results in needing more storage as time goes on. It also leads to the need to create backups more often.

In case you have ever changing needs, it is impossible to have the perfect storage for it. If it falls short, your data will be unprotected and having a lot will cost you just as much. 

Cloud backups prove to be a boon in these areas as they provide great scalability which means you can increase your storage any time your needs go up and pay only for the amount you use.

No hassle recovery

It is extremely easy and straightforward to recover your data with cloud disaster recovery. There can be backups created 24/7 of your entire database if you need them, from whichever device you choose. 

It is extremely simple to accomplish with a few simple steps. Hence, in case of any problem, you can recover your data without wasting time and encountering any problems.

Automatic backups

You can have the entire process be done without any manual interference. While there are several web hosting services that might not allow you the features of automatic backups. However, with cloud backups, your database will be automatically saved in a remote server. So you do not have to assign staff to backup your data manually while wasting a lot of time and effort. 

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A continuous automatic backup that results in your employees being able to focus on their core responsibilities needed to grow your business. Plus there is no danger of accidentally loading an important piece of data forever.

Storage encryption

There are several companies that have backups on physical disks that are then kept in a secure location to retrieve data if needed. However, cloud solutions provide a much better solution to ensure the safety of your data with their backup process. 

Encryption of your data while migration is the best solution which you can keep encrypted when you save it as well. However, before restoration, you will need to decrypt it to use.

Quality check

A huge upside to cloud backup that other backup solutions do not provide is the quality and strength of your backup can be ensured with cloud backups. The process is transparent enough to know if your data has safely been backed up or there is potential corruption that has taken place. 

You will get to know immediately if any problem has occurred so that you can back up anew. Hence, this transparency helps put your mind to rest that if any problem occurs you have a backup ready to be restored without wasting any time.


Cloud backups are immensely helpful, especially for small to medium businesses as well as personal use due to their easy to use nature. Cloud backup systems have evolved and provide top tier data security which in some cases prove to be better than in house backups as well.

In addition to this, you do not have to put in huge amounts of money to buy hardware that in-house data backup providers have to spend. Hence, you do not have to invest in technology as well. You just have to pay the monthly and yearly costs of using cloud data backup. Hence it is quite an economical option.

Continuous tech support

It is extremely hard to build your website up once it has been a victim of a disaster. There are several processes you need to follow and you might require help if you want to access your backup and get your data back. Hence 24/7 customer service is crucial in case the worst disaster occurs and you want to minimise your downtime. It is crucial to get your website up and running as soon as possible.


There are several kinds of disasters that can result in your website taking a hit. It could be a natural disaster like floods, earthquakes or you could end up becoming a victim of malicious attacks. In any of these circumstances, you can still turn to cloud backup solutions to offer you the best chance at rapid recovery.

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