How Can a Health Insurance Policy Be a Lifesaver?

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A health insurance policy ensures that you do not face any difficulty in getting treatment at top-class hospitals. In case you need immediate medical attention due to an illness or accident. Medical insurance companies are linked with some of the best hospitals in our country.

Therefore, during a medical emergency, you can get complete treatment and necessary services from these hospitals. A health cover policy can prove to be a lifesaver due to the following reasons:

Cashless treatments

A health insurance plan will provide the necessary medical coverage once you raise a claim. However, during emergencies, you might have to pay some advance from your end to avoid any further complications.

These expenses can be reimbursed later but if you don’t have the necessary funds. It can be quite disturbing for your entire family. You don’t need to worry about this now as many health insurance plans are offering cashless treatment at select hospitals that have been listed in their network.

Expensive treatments

Treatments of most ailments and medical conditions are expensive these days. The money that you require to pump in to conduct tests, MRI, CT scan, etc. can also affect your monthly budget. Also, In case you get hospitalized, the per-day admission fees and other medical expenses can affect your financial plans drastically.

The maternity expenses have also increased exponentially. Moreover, you can apply for a critical illness cover that can provide financial support. That you require to get treatment for a life-threatening disease.

To avoid this financial burden, you can avail of a health coverage plan that will cover all these expenses and much more. A comprehensive health coverage plan will also cover the expenses related to regular health checkups. It will help detect a medical condition or illness before it becomes too late.

Pre and post-hospitalization expenses

The health cover plan not only provides the financial support that you require for getting treatment or surgery done properly. But also covers the expenses that you have to bear before and after getting hospitalized.

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Therefore, it not just covers the hospitalization expenses but also saves you from bearing the financial burden alone before and after getting admitted to a hospital.

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Once an illness has been detected, a medical insurance policy will provide coverage for the costs up to 60 days before the hospitalization. Similarly, coverage will also be provided up to 60 days once you have been discharged. The pre and post-hospitalization periods can vary from plan to plan.

Other facilities

The extra services and facilities provided by a medical insurance plan may include ambulance or transportation charges. Daily cash benefits to protect your finances during a medical emergency, tax benefits, and much more. Therefore, a health cover plan not only saves your life but also protects you financially.

Moreover, you can avail of an individual health cover plan for yourself or a family floater insurance plan. So, it can protect your entire family during a medical emergency. Max Bupa Health Insurance plan offered by Bajaj Finserv is one of the best medical insurance plans in India.

To determine the exact features and services offered by this health insurance plan and to find the eligibility, application process, and document required to obtain this policy, you can go to the official portal of Bajaj Finserve. This website also contains information and application procedures of the latest and most popular health cover policies in India.

If you wish to find the best health cover plans for you and your family, you can go through the several individuals, family floater, and group health insurance policies that are available on this portal.