HBO Max Gets Into Sports Broadcasts With Soccer Matches In The USA

The streaming platform, which until now had remained on the sidelines of live sporting events, will broadcast various matches of the American soccer teams for the next 8 years

Streaming platforms are increasingly breaking into the world of sports. The latest to do so has been HBO Max, which will broadcast the games of the US soccer teams for the next eight years.

Turner Sports, a subsidiary company of Warner Media -the owner of HBO Max-, has reached an agreement with the American soccer federation for the retransmission, between 2023 and 2030, of twenty matches per year of the men’s and women’s teams. Among them, friendliest and those of classification for the World Cups that are played within that period.

The agreement, closed for more than 200 million dollars (180 million euros), will allow HBO Max to offer its US subscribers the 20 annual meetings, although it will only broadcast 10 of them exclusively. The remaining 10 will be broadcast in simulcast with the channels TBS and TNT , also owned by Warner Media, reports Sports Business Journal , which also details that the US federation could reach international agreements in the coming months.

The news is, in any case, that HBO Max fully enters the world of live sports broadcasts, from which until now it had remained on the sidelines. And that sporting events are already one more content among North American streaming platforms. Paramount+ , for example, already broadcasts NFL, college football and basketball games, among other sports. Peacock, NBCUniversal’s OTT, offers the Premier League. Disney+’s Hulu exclusively has NHL games. And another property of The House of the Mouse, ESPN+, also offers live sports as a sports platform that it is.

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Here in Europe, the situation is similar. Amazon Prime Video has been 스포츠중계 Ligue 1 in France since this season, while DAZN has already carved out a significant niche for itself in other countries on the continent. Among them Spain, where starting next year it will add five LaLiga matches per day to its extensive sports catalog, which already includes broadcasts of the Premier League, Formula 1, the MotoGP World Cup, the Euro league and the Copa del Rey, among other competitions.

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