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peony bouquet delivery

Fresh peonies are flowers that are popular for a multitude of reasons. They’re full of fragrance, last for weeks, and come in almost any color. But one of the most attractive aspects is their price. Peonies can be found for just a couple of dollars, and it’s especially popular to get them at the corner store in your local town.

But like all other kinds of flowers, if you want something that will last for a long time and be cared for, the best thing to do is search for a ‘fresh peony bouquet delivery in Dubai’. The best part about it? You can get them delivered anywhere in Dubai or anywhere in the world!

This guide will discuss why you should buy fresh peonies online, how to find a reputable online flower shop, and where to buy peonies to see what they have to offer you.

What is the appearance of peonies?

Peonies are large flowers that are quite easy to recognize. They come in various colors, from pure white to pink and many shades. 

The size can vary, too; some peonies can have blooms with a diameter of 25 cm, while the smallest one can be as small as 2 cm. In general, they have large flowers with many petals. Y

ou can also notice their signature red or yellow stamens in the middle of the flower. The foliage of peonies is also distinctive, and you can see them in your local flower shops as well.

Why are Pink Peonies the Best?

Peonies are also known as “everlasting flowers” for a reason. They’re a perfect symbol of love. The red color is symbolic of passion, and the pink color is symbolic of romance. 

They’re very romantic in that sense, but they can also be used to represent many other emotions as well. A pink peony bouquet can represent a new beginning, such as a marriage proposal or the birth of a child. A pink peony bouquet for a birthday would also be a cute gift.

What do pink peonies represent?

You might have wondered why there are so many different shades of pink in the peony bouquet. Well, there is a reason for that as well. 

The color of the flowers stands for various meanings, depending on the person who ordered them. For example, pink peonies have been used as a symbol of remembrance of something beautiful that you once had with someone else. As they say: “the memory is sweeter than the flower”.

What is the average cost of a peony bouquet?

The price of this flower varies depending on its size, but the average expense is between150 to 200 AED. Also, you can choose between white peonies, pink peonies, red peonies, purple peonies, and more.

How to find a good online flower shop?

To make sure that you get the peony bouquet delivery, you need to be sure that the online flower shop is legitimate in the first place. If you think of it, there is not much point in ordering something like this if it’s impossible to get that beautiful bouquet delivered at home.

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To make sure that the online flower shop you order from is legitimate, here is what to look out for:

It needs to have enough information about the company itself, such as location and address. Also, there should be contact details so you can reach them easily.

Once you visit the store’s website, it should have a secure payment form. This means that your financial data will not be compromised in any way.

After you make the payment, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can track the delivery online and ensure it gets to your doorstep.

How to buy fresh peonies?

As we already said, many online shops sell fresh peonies bouquets in Dubai. These can be ordered in any color, size, and quantity. But what should you pay attention to when ordering? Here are some tips.

1- Find out a delivery time frame:

The main problem with online flower shops is that they’re not only online. They have their warehouses, but drivers take the flowers from the warehouse to your doorstep. 

Therefore, if you’re in a rush and want your bouquet delivered soon, make sure that the shop provides this kind of service.

2- Check the company website:

You should always check for the online flower delivery website and check the website’s FAQ page. There is also a section where you can post your question and receive an answer. This way, you can be sure that they are real professionals.

3- Check for customer reviews:

If you are still not sure whether the online flower shop is trustworthy or not, you should take a look at their previous customers’ reviews. 

For example, you can go on Google and simply search “online flower delivery company name”. You will almost certainly find some reviews of people who bought flowers from them before, and they usually post their experience on a special page.

4- Track the delivery process online:

Finally, you should also have a look at the delivery process. This way, you will be able to track the flowers as they are delivered to your home. 

They mustn’t get lost on their way, especially if it’s a bouquet of peonies. The peony petals are very delicate, and they can break easily.


Peonies are beautiful flowers, and they’re well worth their reputation. If you want to buy pink peonies online, you should keep in mind the information we just shared regarding making sure your order arrives in perfect condition. 

Also, you can buy fresh flower bouquets from Arabian Petals, as they are the best peony bouquet delivery services in UAE. 

Get peony bouquet delivery in Dubai by calling Arabian petals now. 

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