Free Music Archive is a portal that offers you the free download of music

 with a Creative Commons license , which means that you will only need the minimum effort to give credit to the creator of the songs that you use. It has two models, the FMA browser for CC-licensed songs, and another Pro browser for original tracks that you have to pay for.

The FMA search engine is a real delight, as it allows you to search for

 any term and then filter the results. Among the filters, you can choose the different CC licenses, if you want them to be instrumental tracks, or different pagalworld genres. You can also choose how long you want the songs that appear in the results to be.A website where you can easily download free songs without having to pay royalties. If you only want the songs for personal use, then just download them and go. But if you are going to expose them then you have two types of free license that you have to respect.

If you are only going to upload videos to YouTube

 or other online platforms, for amateur movies or student use, then you have to respect the Creative Commons license by crediting the creator of each song. And if you want to use it to earn money with a production where you use it, they will ask you to fill out the form to obtain the standard license , which will also be free in any case. Another page that allows you to search for all kinds of free musical themes, with the only condition of accrediting the artist who has composed it .

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 It does not require registration, and it has several filters

 that even allow you to select themes depending on the Creative Commons license to which you want to submit for its use.  Hook Sounds is a slightly more restrictive portal when it comes to offering its songs for free, since it tries to promote its paid alternatives above all. You can use free music for videos on online platforms and social networks, but without asking for monetization for them, without giving them a commercial use and always giving them attribution of the authors.

The reason for this is that their music collection is completely exclusive,

which means that the tracks you find here are not going to be anywhere else. In its free use you will only have MP3 format, if you want music with maximum sound quality you will have to go to one of the payment plans.Josh Woodward is a composer who makes all kinds of music in multiple styles, and who already has 14 albums behind him, both instrumental and with songs. And the point is that *Josh gives away all this music** in case you want to download it to use it wherever you want in exchange for crediting him as the creator in the video where you use it.

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