Fair sport is a dirty interpretation of sport

Yes, of course, said and done. “Sport teaches discipline” or patience, or patience, or acceptance, or self-respect, or dozens of other positive qualities. But if this is true, then shouldn’t all our athletes be considered saints? Can Tiger Woods swear? David Beckham will never do anything wrong? Wayne Gretzky Beyond Bad Manners? The important thing is that no matter how well you play the game or master the sport, anyone can really be an honest player.


Face it, the human mind is wired to reject the feeling of defeat. We are genetically programmed to strive for the best. Losing causes a negative reaction in our minds that teaches us, trains and develops us not to lose. In fact, this factor, combined with our natural level of self-esteem or, as others say, pride, creates an intolerance for loss. This is how we humans evolved from cave dwellers to penthouse dwellers.

Somewhere thousands of years ago, primitive man decided that he would never be defeated by a mammoth. Thus hunting was born, and the first epl중계 in which people participated was survival. Or suppose, given that there is still no evidence that a primitive form of Texas Holder poker has been found. Looking back, it’s only natural that I feel like cursing the next time I hit a water hazard on the 8th hole. Only our genes tell us that this decline in productivity is an unacceptable norm. And the fact that buying so many replacement golf balls is really frustrating.

Let the steam come out

Playing a competitive sport inevitably comes with losing someone, so why can’t we all just be honest and let the losers dissipate their frustration? If we win, we can experience glory and joy in all their absolute splendor. So who is depriving your opponent of the right and opportunity to tweet, complain and apologize for losing a match? Don’t we all need time to lick our wounds? I feel it’s better to win because people say that winning isn’t everything.

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Thus, we have now come to the conclusion that we live in a world that is intolerant of both loss and compassion for loss. The loser is expected to support the winner with a smile. By creating the label Painful Losers, we are essentially not giving them the right or dignity to express an emotional sense of defeat when they are bereaved.

Give it a name

Is it really that bad? No, it’s different. The amount of shame, embarrassment and incompetence caused by a fair match or losing a match will never compare to the amount of fun and enjoyment you get from playing with yourself. Also, the less time you regret losing a Health Fitness item, the faster you can play the next round.

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