Do you need to download a music player on your mobile?

Music has been a reason for party and celebration since the world is world. We know that there are currently as many applications to listen to music as there are stars in the universe, but do we really need to have so many on our mobile? If you are a fan of local music and you want to enjoy a good song player, today we bring you one that will surely be to your liking. Yes, we are referring to the EMUI music application, that is, the one on your Honor mobile.

No, with the Honor Music app you don’t need to download anything

A music application that allows you to edit metadata and play sound files of all kinds for free? Do not look any further. If you have an Honor mobile, you can now take a look at the music application that comes by default. Exactly, we are referring to Music, the player that all our mobiles come with as standard.

 Among the advantages of the Honor pagalworld we find the full compatibility of sound file formats. MP3, FLAC, WMA, M4A… Come on, practically all existing formats. As we just mentioned, we can edit the metadata of the tracks such as the title and name of the same, the cover and even the artist.

But this does not end here, as it is also compatible

 with covers and lyrics of songs and albums, which means that you will not have to reconfigure your tracks to add both parameters. Of course, it has an integrated equalizer that will allow us to equalize, forgive the redundancy, the sound of any model of headphones. We can even choose the type of earphone to adapt the sound to its construction.As for the rest of the player’s features, it has the typical options for personalized lists, song and album searches, and track filters. Regarding the latter, we can filter songs depending on their duration. Come on, you will not miss anything.

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