Accurate Solution to Merge Outlook Folders With Same Name

Merge Outlook Folders

How to merge folders in outlook

Are you looking for a way to combine all the Outlook folders? Or does your Outlook account have multiple folders? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this page belongs to you. On this page of the blog, we are imposing all the factors and the solution to merge Outlook folders with the same name. So, reading this page will give you a fruitful result. merges two or more folders like inbox, outbox, archive, contacts, and drafts into a single Outlook folder.

User Query:

Over the years, I have kept track of my emails by the names of senders. There are many subfolders in my inbox now, so I have a lot of space. For now, it makes sense to keep everything in just one archive folder because the Outlook search has become better.

Do I have to copy and paste all my emails from each folder into the new folder?

After reading the question above, I now know the subject of today’s blog post. Most people who want to merge Outlook folders into one are looking for a good way to do it. Step by step, we’ll go through the process.

A Guide to Merging Outlook Folders in Outlook

The PST merge software is verified by MVPs. This is a more sophisticated tool than other tools all over the internet. This software gives a straightforward result when merging Outlook folders with the same name in Outlook. The PST merge tool is capable of merging two folders or more than two folders without any data loss. It is Logrith is a way of combining the mailboxes of two or more two accounts of Outlook. This tool can merge folders like emails, tasks, contacts, calendars, notes, and journals. It helps in removing all the duplicate files and folders from Outlook while merging the folders under the same name. It can also merge Unicode and ANSI code into one PST UNICODE file. Users can perform folder merging by installing Microsoft Outlook on their systems. You will get the option of including or excluding Outlook’s deleted files, folders, or junk mail.

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Firstly, download the software from the inserted URL and now install the PST merge software.

Let’s Start Merge Outlook Folders

  • You can choose from three options: add files, add a folder, or search for files to insert.pst files.
  • Next, select “Merge,” then click “Next.”
  • Make sure to choose the folders that you exactly want to merge.
  • Next, click on “Merge with Existing PST” and “Next.”
  • Then, choose the folders you want to combine. You can choose to see things like your inbox, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, journals, and so on.
  • Choose the Next button.

After performing these steps, you will be able to see the merged folder under one name.

Last Verdict

In conclusion, the merging query of numerous folders in outlook is solved by the end of this article. The given URL in the post will help you to catch the official page.  Download Outlook PST merger software and merge Outlook folders. This software support all the version of outlook and all the windows operating system to perform the merge.

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