Aerial Cinematography: How Is It the New Frontier of Digital Marketing?

New Frontier of Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, and the new frontier of this industry is the aerial cinematography technique. A video from a bird’s eye view can offer a unique perspective on business, and it will attract attention and interest among viewers, who will then be able to see what it’s like to be there in person.

There are definitely endless possibilities when it comes to filming from the air. From real estate properties and construction sites to weddings and events, aerial filming can capture it all uniquely. As such, one of the great things about the aerial cinematography technique is that it is relatively affordable compared to other forms of marketing and advertising. So you can hire an aerial cinematography company to come and capture footage of a property or event without breaking the bank.

Another benefit of aerial-type filming is that it is highly shareable. People love watching videos that give them a different perspective on things. As such, aerial footage can get people talking and sharing, which is excellent for getting the brand out there.

What Are the Types of Aerial type filming?

Drone Filming

Drone filming is one of the most popular types of aerial cinematography technique, thanks to its relatively low cost and easy accessibility. Drone cameras are small and lightweight, perfect for capturing hard-to-reach angles and getting close to subjects. Meanwhile, drones can be difficult to control, and their battery life is usually relatively short, so you need to plan shots carefully.

Helicopter Filming

Helicopter filming offers a bird’s eye view unmatched by any other aerial type of filming. Helicopters can fly very high and give a unique perspective on the subject matter. But, helicopter rentals can be costly and need a certified pilot to operate.

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Plane Filming

Plane filming is similar to helicopter filming in that it offers a comprehensive, panoramic view of the subject matter.

The cost of aerial filming will vary depending on the equipment used and the location of the shoot. Meanwhile, the location could be from a rooftop to a field or a beach, but just make sure that whatever location is chosen is safe and legal to film in. Nevertheless, the sky’s the limit.

Once all the logistics are sorted, it’s time to plan the shoot. What kind of video or photos does the business want to create? What kind of message is the business trying to communicate? Keep all of this in mind while planning aerial shots.

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A drone is the essential piece of equipment needed if you’re looking to add a new dimension to digital marketing campaigns. As such, the aerial cinematography technique is the way. But how do you get started? Here are some tips:

  • Invest in a good drone service. 
  • Make sure to research and choose a service with drones suitable for your needs.
  • Get familiar with the local laws and regulations regarding drones. Each country has different drone rules, so it’s important to know what applies to drone usage before flying.
  • Be creative, think outside the standard marketing box and experiment with different shot types and angles. Aerial type filming gives a unique perspective that can make videos stand out from the rest.

With these tips in mind, the business can be ready to start exploring the world of aerial cinematography techniques in marketing their products.