A Guide to Use Best Keywords for SEO

Keywords are the ideas that represent your content. When it comes to SEO, they are the group of words that searchers use while looking for their desirable content. Your page or website should contain simple words and phrases which are easy for someone to search, those are your primary keywords. 

Importance of Keywords

It is important that you put in your content what people are looking for, that’s where keywords kick in. Your objective should be to gain more traffic through search engine result pages (SERPs) by using your organic words. You should be careful with your words as they determine what kind of traffic you are attracting. For example, if you own a cricket shop, you should use phrases and words that includes cricketers or cricket clubs. If you are not careful with that you mind end up attracting people which are looking for night clubs or bars.  

How to put Keywords on your page 

There are some rules that you must follow while using keywords. If you keep spamming same keywords/phrases on your page thinking that it might attract more searchers, you are doing it wrong. You should put particular keywords on each page of your site in order to assure your visitors that you are giving them what they are looking for.

This includes headings and content on your page. While using specific keywords to attract more clicks, at the same time you should also be representing what your page and content is all about. At this way, you are targeting more audience by using SEO and at the same time you are entertaining your visitors by giving them their desirable content. 

Using keywords Strategically 

Now you know how keywords represent your content and website on web. Now time to organize a strategy to use specific keywords in each of your article. This helps to differentiate them from other articles while keeping them in SEO’s heat at same time. For this you should use unique keywords for each of your page and article.

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In order to do so you should choose keywords according to the content of your article and need of your viewers at same time. For example, if one of your articles is about politics you should put more and more names of current govt politicians and put political affairs in it. That will help your page to keep a good rank in search engine and bring you more traffic. 

If each page of your site aims on different topics and keywords that would be ideal. Comprehensively, your homepage should focus on a huge topic or business, that will make it easier for you to put more and more content while using more and more keywords. 

Putting Keywords to work for you

For the best results you should make sure to put certain keywords on the high-attention areas of your website. That should be everywhere from name of your headings and content of your article. But you cannot put same words in every content thinking that will attract same audience everywhere. To overcome this, you should divide certain keywords for certain content. 

It’s like grouping and organizing keywords for your content. For example, if you own a garment shop you should have certain keywords to use for all of your shirts, certain words to use for all of your pants. Similarly, you can do that for every product you have.

This will not only make it easier for you to put content but also for the buyer to search for certain range of products easily. The easier you make it for viewer, the higher rank your site get on search engines. 

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