A Guide to the Perfect Business Card

Business Card

Business cards are an important part of any business. This is what brings identity and uniqueness to a business. Business card printing services become a big deal when it is one way to level up your growth. They are tiny, excellent marketing tools because you hand them to different people who get a thumbnail view of your company and its workers. Now, there are things you should know about business cards. 

Why Should You Pay Attention to Your Business Card? 

Tell your company’s story using business cards. It is how you make a first impression. As business cards are meant to be passed from person to person, they need to feel nice to touch. This is why most business card printing services pay attention to the paper of their cards. It helps them leave more of a lasting impression. You can agree that jumping to the printing phase of business cards is much more tempting than picking out the paper. But if you want to create a card that does not simply get tossed, it is best if you take the time to choose your card type. 

The Finish Matters 

The finish is the part that adds elegance to the feel of your entire business card. The top three commonly used finishes are dull, matte, and glossy. Your choice depends mainly on what you wish to do with your card and making the impression you want to.

Finishes are again divided into two types: coated and uncoated. Let’s jump deeper into this topic.


The main difference between coated and uncoated papers is that coated papers come with a surface sealant. Typically, clay is used. It produces a sharper look than uncoated papers and is divided into three finishes: matte, glossy, and satin. Matte gives off a dull finish. It gives an elegant appearance and is smoother than uncoated paper. The satin finish comes with a slight sheen. It is comparatively lesser than glossy finishes but considerably more than matte-coated cards. A glossy finish, on the other hand, is a bold choice and protects against potential moisture too. 

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The uncoated finish is similar to the printed paper. However, it has a non-reflective surface. An uncoated finish also gives more texture than coated cards. But due to their fragile state, it is prone to much more damage than the coated ones.

The colors on the business cards are a lot more subdued here. Yet, they come out clean and clear. Uncoated business cards give a natural and aesthetic finish to your impression. They are a great idea for those who want to write on their cards or keep their expenses to a minimum.


Create a unique and distinctive business card with reliable business card printing services today. Finding the correct paper type for your business card is difficult. But it would be best if you put time into it. Make sure you know what impression you want to give and, of course, your budget. This narrows down your choices, helping you reach the right one for you. If you are someone who simply wants to mail out a bulk of business cards, you should be good to go with a thinner pack of cards. But if you plan on handling your business cards out at important events, a thicker, classier pack of cards will not only last longer but give your brand an elegant touch. Either way, the card you choose will determine how much you stand out.