What is PPC? learn the basic of pay -per click (PPC) marketing;

Pay Per Click

If you have already heard about PPC and have a bitter knowledge about PPC. or if you have enough knowledge about PPC and you already know about marketing and want to show your product in PPC. So you are at the best place. This is the first lesson of PPC university. There are three guides set which you require to know about deep knowledge of PPC. In this article, you will learn about the beginner’s guide of PPC. First of all, we will learn about defining PPC and how its advertisement works. PPC stands for pay-per-click. PPC marketing is one of the models of internet marketing in which each advertiser will pay for each click when his ad is clicked. It is the way of getting some visits to your site. It is better than a physical way of learning. one of the popular forms of PPC advertising is search engine advertising. It allows advertisers to bid for their ad placement in the search engine. When anybody searches those types of keywords that are related to your business offering.

For example, if we bid on the keyword What is PPC? Our ad might show on the top spot of the google result page. Whenever our ad is clicked, we have to pay to the google search engine for this traffic. In simple words, ads gave people traffic to their websites and a small ds fee will give more benefit. for example, if I pay 3$ to google ads and google gives us traffic about our 5000$ sales. From this, we can conclude that we can make a lot of profit. A lot of credit goes to a PPC winning campaign because of the selection of the right keyword. If your ads give viewers positive things, so in result, the search engine gives you awards. If you want to use PPC campaigns, so it is necessary to do the right activities. 

What are google ads?

The most popular PPC model is google ads. This platform able brands to make their ad and, then google shows this ad on their properties. Google works on the pay-per-click model of PPC, in which brands place bids for keywords and pay for each click. Then google searches for top gainers from a wide range of bidders. The choosing of winners based upon the basis of relevant material and value of the bid.   Then question is that who gains the reward? The matrix CPC( the highest amount and advertiser id willing to spent and quality score. This winning brings advertisers to the top and, they get maximum budget. It is essentially a kind of auction. For PPC marketing, Google ads are more valuable, Because most of the users of the world use google. And this is the reason google give you more benefit than usual. It gives you a lot of clicks on your ads. Because Google is the most popular search engine. You get a lot of traffic to your ads, but you have to search for the right keyword based on your content. That’s why Google is a valuable part of your advertising.

Keyword relevance;

 A suggestion of a possible name based on your brand. You can find a list of keywords through PPC. Make proper text editing of keyword which clicks on audience mind.

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Landing page quality;

 landing page quality based on some options about audience queries, Like call-to-action. The audience can take much interest to see more about your ad.

Quality score;

 The quality score is a rank booster. It depends on PPC campaigns, the right keyword choices, and landing pages. If a low-cost advertiser gets more clicks then google pushes it on the higher rank.


 If you feel any difficulty in your ad creation, So you can use google ads creation for this purpose. Your ad content must be creative.

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Keyword research; 

Research on keywords is the most time-consuming task, but it is important. Research on keywords determines your whole success. Your PPC campaign depends on your keyword planning. If you choose the right keyword which is relevant to your brand and suits your advertising ads. Then you will take more benefit than usual. You have to give enough time in searching your keyword.

An effective PPC campaign should be;


You do not want any of keyword which does not matches your selling things. You always want those type of keyword which relates to your brand as well. You must pay for the keyword which catches the attention of the audience’s eye.


for example, if you use the competitive keyword for branding, Maybe possible this keyword slows down your PPC campaigns, but if you choose the medium rank keyword that is the long tail of search, then it will never break the attention of the audience. those types of the keyword are usually less competitive and less expensive.


PPC is iterative. You must update your advertising to sustain your position. You have to create such environment which creates an environment that helps to achieve consistency.

Managing your PPC campaigns;

If you created your new campaign, you must refine your ads gradually to take user interest. You have to rewrite your ads to achieve perfection in the PPC campaign. you must analyze the performance of your account and adopt the following activities;

Add PPC keyword;

if you want to expand the boundaries of your PPC campaigns. You must add more keyword which is relevant to your brand.

Add negative keywords;

It is our fact that we take much interest in those things which are not based on daily routine and contain some suspense. If you want to get more traffic. So, adding negative keywords is the best key to get traffic.

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Split ads groups;

Improve your quality score rate by splitting your ads into small parts.

Review costly PPC keywords;

You have to take a survey of costly PPC keywords.

Update your landing page;

You must add more options about audience queries as well. 

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