The Roast of Bryce Hall and Jeff Wittek

The Roast of Bryce Hall and Jeff Wittek

This article will discuss the events surrounding the Roast of Bryce Hall, including the cancellation of Jeff Wittek’s appearance. Dobrik reportedly injured Wittek during a fight last week. In the video Jason Nash posted about the incident, he said that Dobrik wasn’t the main reason for Jeff Wittek’s withdrawal. While he doesn’t deny that it was the main reason for Wittek’s non-attendance, he does state that other circumstances were a big factor.

Jeff Wittek pulled out

In a series of vlogs, Wittek appeared regularly. He gained popularity when he suffered an eye injury in Utah while attempting a stunt where he was thrown over a rope from an excavator. However, his stunt backfired, and he lost his eye. In an Instagram livestream, Wittek said he was so embarrassed by the incident that he had unfollowed Dobrik. Since then, Wittek and Dobrik have continued to criticize each other’s appearance.

After being pulled out of the roast, however, the other two performers made their own videos. In addition to being a comedian, Bryce Hall’s roast of Jason Nash had several guest appearances by well-known celebrities. He also appeared in a 2016 comedy video with Anwar Jibawi. Jeff Wittek has a YouTube account with over three million subscribers, but he was not part of the roast.

Josh Richards replaced him

On The Roast of Bryce Hall, host Jason Nash roasted YouTuber Bryce Hall. His performance was a mixed bag. Many viewers took offense to his jokes about being fat or his sexual preference. Because of this, the video became viral for the wrong reasons. It has now been viewed over 769,300 times. Be sure to skip over the controversial parts if you’re sensitive about this.

After the roast ended, the host asked Josh Richards to stand in for him. The new roaster revealed that he had no idea if the entire set would make the cut. The improvised set was sloppy, but the original jokes were good. The improv comedy star still has the original video footage and hinted that he would share it with the world one day.

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Olivia Jade and Tanya Mongeau attended

On June 24, 2018, two of Hollywood’s hottest ladies, Olivia Jade and Tanya Mongea, attended the Roast of Bryce Hall hosted by Jason Nash. The event brought together Hall, Josh Richards, and Tanya Mongeau, as well as celebrities from other industries. The video is currently circulating online, and has already received 769,300 views. However, it contains scenes that may upset some viewers.

After the event, the actresses apologized to the audience for having to attend the ‘big’ party. In a Twitter post, Mongeau explained that she was taken for a coronavirus test on June 30, a few weeks before the big bash. She then explained that she would stay home until her test results were back.

Jason Nash’s jokes were removed from the roast

Jason Nash is an American actor, comedian, and YouTube sensation. He is best known for his performance on the show Last Comic Standing and has written and directed two movies. In 2016, he appeared on David Dobrik’s Youtube Vlogs. The episode also featured jokes by Jeff Wittek and Jonah ‘Nick Antonyan’. Nash’s main YouTube channel has more than 3 million subscribers, so there is no way he won’t be a star in the near future.

Afterwards, fans complained about some of the jokes. Many fans objected to jokes about Hall’s weight, while others took offense at remarks about sexuality. Many people took offense at these remarks, which caused the video to become viral. While it is not a perfect video, it has garnered over 769,300 views on Jason’s YouTube channel. Some fans, however, found the roast hilarious.