The Keys For Your Brand To Be Successful On YouTube

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is already the second most visited website in the world , only behind the Google search engine. More than five billion videos are viewed on the platform every day.

In addition, the audience between 25 and 44 years old consumes an average of 50 minutes of its contents daily. Undoubtedly, data that a few years ago were unthinkable and that suppose a series of advantages for those who use this channel.

It has become the perfect setting for anyone who wants to make themselves known, you just have to look at the YouTuber phenomenon and the millions of views accumulated by the videos of the artists of the moment.

Despite the chilling figures and its already proven potential, there are companies that are reluctant to consider it as a dissemination tool from which to take advantage.

Why do video marketing?

Video remains the large format of the moment. Dynamism and speed have made users prefer to see and hear than simply read. Brands are attentive to these trends and video marketing is positioned as an upward strategy.

This type of action allows you to count a lot in a short time and interact with the consumer. Although like everything else, to get results on YouTube it is necessary to make quality content and follow criteria that help the positioning of the content.

Should all companies be on YouTube?

At present, anyone with internet access can create a channel on this social network, although that is not a guarantee of getting diffusion. Like any dissemination action, it is important to develop a quality strategy and brands must take into account the keys that help to position their content.

To design the strategy on YouTube, it is necessary to ask ourselves if it is a platform in which our company fits and in which we can take advantage of the effort that it entails, if this is affirmative, we must outline what role it will play within our marketing plan.

Consumer brands often use the social network specializing in a theme and following a very defined storytelling . The basis of this decision is to create a community that follows us for that type of content and does not seek anything else from us.

For example, if we have a film brand and we create a movie trailer channel to offer short but attractive videos with our articles, this will be our line. In the event that we have two different targets, it is preferable to create two channels, one for each segment of the audience, rather than mixing content.

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How to improve your YouTube content?

In order to achieve a good positioning that translates into a greater number of users and views, YouTube has a series of criteria that allow optimizing the videos that are uploaded.

1.Use titles that are up to 60 characters long.

2.Complete the metadata following your keyword strategy and detail useful information for the user.

Make sure your descriptions are no longer than three lines.

3.Use attractive, high-resolution thumbnails.

4.It is important that your content is organized by theme in your playlists and create a trailer that presents the channel.

5.Transcribe the content of your videos to make it easier to find them on Google, and this exercise will also add value to people who have hearing difficulties.

How to make your video go viral?

The objective of many of the strategies that use YouTube as a broadcast channel is to go viral , to achieve a massive reach. For this result, it is essential that the content is powerful, original and has an impact.

We give you some tips to improve the dissemination of your videos:

1.create short videos, but with good quality. Every time we endure less time concentrating and our retention capacity does not go beyond the first few minutes.

2.Make sure your keyword is in the title and description.

3.Promote your content through other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this way you will generate traffic and reach a greater number of followers.

4.Allow your followers to vote and comment, the user likes to interact and their opinion counts.

5.But the most important thing for your content to work on YouTube is that it is consistent with the rest of the brand’s communication and that it is aligned with the values you transmit, in the end your customers love you for that.

At Last

The above are the keys we think for your brand to be successful on YouTube. Comment bellow with your opinions and advise. We love to hear from you.

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