The Benefits of Prescription Management With Greenway Software

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To have truly quality care available to your patients, there are a number of variables to consider. The fact of the matter is that healthcare isn’t simple for every patient. While we may view healthcare as a process of analysis, diagnosis, and treatment, there may be barriers to this process. For example, a commonly experienced barrier is that of cost. 

Even when a patient gets their process completed, they may not fill out their prescription. The cost may be too much to bear. However, with Greenway software, there are some interventions that can be made to mitigate this risk. The reason why this is a worrying trend is the impact it may have on population and patient health in the future. 

Patients may feel their prescription was too pricey. They may also feel like they weren’t prepared for the price the medication would cost. Many would just abandon the medication and not want to even come back for an alternative. This lack of adherence can be extremely dangerous for their health in the future. So, what can be done about it? 

Why Are Prescriptions Not Filled In Greenway EMR? 

As mentioned above, there is an increasing issue where patients are simply not taking out their prescriptions. One may think this is the easiest part of the process through which care is administered. At this point, the visit is completed. The doctor has assessed the patients’ situation, made an appropriate diagnosis, and offered a treatment plan. 

Now, all that’s left to do by the patient is the simple process of adhering to the treatment plan. So, why does this plan go sideways? According to research, one of the biggest reasons this may happen is the cost of medication. This is because traditionally, patients don’t know how much medicine costs until they are at the pharmacy getting it. 

This presents a number of issues that can have a huge impact on the patient’s life. If they were not adequately prepared, and if they don’t have the money, they may simply opt-out. When this happens, they are placing themselves at risk of getting more sick. However, forced by circumstances, they may not have many options on how to proceed. 

What Can Be Done? 

A natural question when hearing of this unfortunate situation is, what can be done to end this? While there may not be a complete answer, there are some interventions available. The most notable option for practitioners is to use a tool called price transparency. This is a feature admired by many Greenway EMR reviews. 

Price transparency is a tool that allows practitioners to see the cost of the medication while they are prescribing. It also helps them see how much of that price will be covered by insurance. This is crucial because this information can be communicated to the patient. This way, they know what to expect when they go to get their prescription filled out. 

Additionally, the Greenway software also has an option to offer alternatives. If the price does not suit the budget of the patient, the software can recommend alternatives at a lower price. This makes sure patients do not have to compromise on the treatment they need because of cost. It helps them in numerous ways and helps for more honesty in the process. 

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The Benefits of Price Transparency With Greenway

How exactly does price transparency affect practices? There are a number of benefits you can access if you use this tool in the right way. In the next section, let’s explore how the software can help you achieve a number of outcomes. So, without further ado, here are the benefits of price transparency with Greenway EMR software.  

Lower Costs 

The biggest and most obvious benefit to patients with price transparency is lower costs. The software helps you see what the cost of the medicine is in real-time as you prescribe. You can then share with the patient what their cost might be, and offer alternatives. It helps make the treatment process easier for patients who may not have access to adequate funds. 

Greater Efficiency 

A benefit for you and your practice is that it helps make your work more efficient. Instead of having to follow up after, you can just see how the patient feels during their visit and cut down on wastage of time on both ends. They can also save time as they know what the costs are and don’t need to ask for costs at the pharmacy.

Builds Healthy Bonds 

One of the biggest benefits is that price transparency helps you and your patient bond in a different way. There is an openness in the conversation that is central to good quality patient care. It also helps patients feel like they are heard and improves engagement with their treatment plans. This will ultimately lead to improved health outcomes.

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strengthen provider/patient relationship. By having upfront, transparent conversations about prescription costs, providers can demonstrate concern for the patient’s financial situation, in addition to setting expectations for out-of-pocket costs. 

Less Wait Time 

Another hidden benefit of prescription transparency is that the tool can also help with other issues. If you are prescribing medicines that need approval from the insurance company, you will be able to see. Then, both you and the patient can either look for alternatives or plan treatment with that in mind.  

Increased Patient Satisfaction 

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of this tool is that it helps to improve patient experiences. They will leave feeling better and will trust their doctor more. It also helps them feel like they can come back to the same practitioner and that they care about their overall lifestyle.

Prescription Features Available Through Greenway Software 

When you use greenway software, you get to use the right tools to make sure you get the best cost. This helps your patient be prepared when they get the prescription at their pharmacy. You may be able to see benefits, and even assess the cost while you are prescribing medications.  

Ultimately, the tools available through Greenway make it an excellent choice for practitioners. As you have seen during this article, the benefits are immense, for both patient and provider. If you are seeking these features for your practice, you can read Greenway software reviews. They will help you decide what the benefits of the software are.