5 Natural Remedies to Try for Neuropathy Pain



More than 3 million new cases per year in America are from neuropathy pain. It is a weakness, numbness, or pain from nerve damage and usually occurs in the hands or feet. In this piece, we’re going to dive into exactly what neuropathy pain is and potential solutions. 

More On Neuropathy Pain 

A common cause of neuropathy is diabetes, but it can also be a result of an injury. This can include exposure to toxins or general infections that lead to long term complications. 

Neuropathy can be treated, but not always, and it is usually not curable. Because it is ruled a chronic illness and is long-lasting, it requires a medical professional to diagnose you. 

So, with that in mind, what are the symptoms of neuropathy pain? Well, common symptoms include pins-and-needles sensations or numbness and weakness. 

As mentioned above, the pain usually occurs in the hands or feet but can also occur on the face, thighs, back, and other areas. You may also suffer from poor balance and slow reflexes if diagnosed with neuropathy. With that understanding in mind, let’s cover natural remedies to help improve well-being. 

Disclaimer: It’s important to speak with a medical professional before self-diagnosing or self-treating to soothe the pain. 

1. Exercise 

Moving your body has a wealth of benefits, and in the case of helping to soothe neuropathy symptoms, something as simple as walking can help. Movement helps to promote blood flow to your fingers and feet – both areas where nerves may be causing you pain. 

A prolonged regimen creates a long-lasting expansion in blood vessels to the feet, which helps nourish the damaged nerves back to health. Start small daily and work your way up to increased pace and distance. 

2. Targeted Care

Focusing on problem areas can have big results. For example, if your feet are what’s bothering you, give them the care they need and deserve. Usually, with neuropathy comes impaired sensation, which can lead to injuries such as cuts or bruises. All of these can make the condition worse. 

Examine your feet daily, wear comfortable shoes, and see a podiatrist regularly. Give yourself a warm bath which can increase blood flow to nerve pain and also ease stress. 

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3. Extra Rest

While sleeping can’t make everything better, it can certainly improve your well-being. Our bodies need time to recover and strengthen to face another day. If you’re not sleeping well or sleeping short stints, this won’t do much good for your health and can actually harm it in the long run. 

For more quality sleep, be sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol, especially in the evenings. Also, don’t use electronics before bed as the blue light can make it difficult to sleep soundly. 

4. Capsaicin Cream

This may be a worthwhile approach to soothing your symptoms if you can navigate the side effects. Over time, capsaicin cream is said to help improve nerve pain and causes less of that burning feeling when used over time. 

The cream is made from hot chili peppers and causes an initial burning sensation that may provide some benefits as it helps to numb the area and pain. Keep in mind, though, that it’s only a temporary fix and not the end all be all for your pain. 

5. Alternative Treatments

This traditional Chinese medical practice uses small needles to help soothe nerve clusters and heavy tension areas. This method requires no medicine, so if you’re looking to avoid it, acupuncture may be a great option. 

Similarly, massaging can provide amazing results for a number of health ailments. While massage is not a direct way to soothe chronic pain that can accompany neuropathy pain, it does increase overall well-being. Holistic approaches can mean a better, healthier body to cope with long-term pain effectively. 

Don’t forget natural medicinal options like cannabis, which can help to soothe the pain and make living day-to-day life more bearable in cases when pain is severe. To understand which method is best for you, including the difference between Indica and Sativa, visit here


Neuropathy can be a difficult health ailment to live with. Most people will live with the effects for a lifetime and continually search for new ways to cope. What may work for you might not work for a person in a similar position and so on. Consult with your healthcare providers and other professionals to find a solution that works for you.