Interesting Facts About Lasit Laser

Lasit Laser

LASIT Laser has over 100 employees and a wide range of laser marking and engraving machines. Its clients include companies such as FCA, Volvo, and Ferrari. The company has a focus on Tracciabilità, brand visibility, and industrial automation. In addition, it offers its laser marking and engraving machines.

LASIT Laser has more than 100 employees

LASIT Laser is an Italian manufacturer of laser marking equipment. Founded in 1990, the company specializes in marking cylindrical components. The company has over 100 employees and a twelve-thousand square meters manufacturing plant in Torre Annunziata, Italy. Lasit has opened sales and service offices in Eastern Europe. This growth is the result of strong investment in R&D. Here are some interesting facts about Lasit Laser.

The company is headquartered in Torre Annunziata, Italy. The company manufactures laser marking machines for numerous industries. Its laser machines include both standard and customized models. Some of the machines are used for laser engraving, while others are used for marking. LasitLaser marking systems are used to mark a variety of different materials.

LASIT’s products are used in the automotive, medical, electronics, hydraulics, and military markets. The company works with customers on customized projects to meet their needs. It also values innovation, networking, and continuous learning. The company’s culture fosters these qualities. In addition to providing superior products, LASIT also values its employees’ lives.

LASIT Laser offers a full range of laser marking and engraving machines

LASIT Laser is one of the leading names in the laser industry and offers a full range of laser marking and engravers to suit a variety of needs. Its laser machines are ideal for marking, engraving, and deep cutting, as well as for precision micro perforation. There are more than 110 standard models available and you can also order customized ones. The company’s R&D department develops state-of-the-art technology, and many of its laser machines incorporate the latest software and hardware.

The company’s extensive engineering team includes software engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and application engineers. Each machine is built to a high standard from high-quality components. In addition, the company provides a variety of software solutions, including FlyCAD and FlyControl, to improve workflow. With more than three thousand machines in production worldwide, LASIT has the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

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Fiber lasers are the most common type of laser and can be used for engraving and marking a variety of materials, including plastic and metal. They are also available in MOPA (variable pulse) lasers, which increase versatility. MOPA fiber lasers are ideal for laser marking plastic and aluminum, and can even produce colored markings. These laser systems do not produce chips, which is another major benefit.

Metal is the most popular material for laser marking. The automotive industry uses a lot of metal products, and there are also many other applications for metallic components, such as hydraulics and the medical industry. The traceability requirements of these industries require laser marking, and Lasit laser marking and engraving machines can help you achieve those goals.

LASIT Laser has customers such as Ferrari, Volvo, and FCA

The Italian company LASIT Laser was founded in 1990 in Vico Equense on the Sorrento peninsula and has grown to become one of Italy’s most prestigious suppliers of laser-marked automotive components. Its 12000 square meter facility is located in Torre Annunziata. The company has also invested in Eastern Europe and opened sales offices there.

The laser-marking technology used in automotive applications is a rapidly evolving field, and Lasit Laser is a leader in this field. Its laser-marking machines deliver excellent performance and a perfect aesthetic appearance. The company also provides customer support for warranty claims and technical assistance.

The company has expanded its capabilities to a variety of industries, including the automotive, medical, home appliance, and electronics industries. Its lasers are highly accurate and can engrave gradient logos and intricate designs. The company’s innovation culture encourages employees to pursue global perspectives and learn from different backgrounds.

LASIT Laser offers fiber laser marking, as well as CO2 laser marking and UV laser marking solutions. Its laser marking solutions are available for various metal and plastic materials. Customers can customize the process to meet their needs. A LASIT laser marker can be used to create a unique code that’s not easily duplicated.