Interactive digital menu app vs. digital menu board: Which is better for your restaurant?

It can be challenging to choose between an interactive digital menu app and a digital menu board for your business. These technologies make your restaurant more reachable to clients and provide a more convenient service.

But how can you choose between a digital menu board and an interactive digital menu app? The definitions and benefits of an interactive digital menu app and a digital menu board are provided below.

Discover what works best for your F&B restaurant. Is it an interactive restaurant menu QR code software or a digital menu board?

Interactive digital menu app vs. digital menu board

Interactive digital menu app:

A restaurant can build a menu QR code with their complete menu list and food photographs using an interactive digital menu app.

Customers can order and pay for items immediately from an interactive digital menu.

Consequently, these customers can place their orders online using the ordering page and pay using mobile payment channels like Stripe, PayPal, or Google Pay, removing the need for customers to interact with portable menus or workers.

Furthermore, it allows the restaurant to develop a custom-built restaurant website that can be accessed via the internet, allowing it to include information about its history, best-sellers, and other items.

Digital menu board:

Digital menu boards, on the other hand, encourage contactless menu viewing, removing the need for customers to interact with portable menus.

Digital menu boards, on the other hand, reduce customer-staff interaction. After selecting items from the digital menu board, customers must still communicate their orders to the personnel.

Furthermore, computerized menu boards must be limited to fast food and other quick-service restaurants. On the other hand, most upscale dining establishments prefer digital menus to digital menu boards.

Streamlining F&B operations

Interactive digital menu app:

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software system speeds up orders by allowing customers to browse and order at the same time without the need for help from a wait staff using a QR-code-enabled menu.

Customers’ orders will appear on the server dashboard in real-time, allowing speedier meal order preparation and shorter wait times. Thus, it corresponds to a quicker table turnover.

Furthermore, online payment eliminates the burden of waiting for waiters to deliver the bill and pay at the counter, allowing for faster table turnover.

Digital menu board:

However, having menus displayed on a digital menu board or digital menu TV allows customers to make faster decisions about their choices, speeding up the ordering process.

Customers can then queue up at the cashier’s counter to place their food orders, pay, and wait for their meals.

Menu accessibility

Interactive digital menu app:

Customers can scan and access the menu on their android or iOS devices as long as they are connected to wi-fi or cellular connection when using a menu QR code.

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Diners scan the QR code to place their meal orders, choose a payment option (Stripe, PayPal, or even cash), and wait for their dishes to be served.

Consumers can also check the digital menu on the restaurant’s website from anywhere to see what’s available and what’s on offer.

Digital menu board:

A digital menu board, also known as a physical menu, displays a digital menu that guests may only see when on the restaurant’s grounds.

It’s either printed as a paperback menu or displayed on a board over the cashier’s counter.

Marketing features

Interactive digital menu:

Restaurants can cross-sell food items by recommending related things to a popular menu item and upsell menu items by allowing customers to customize their orders and add-ons using interactive digital menu software.

Restaurants and bars can also develop special deals that they can easily add and remove at any moment.

Pubs and restaurants can also establish a restaurant website as a well-thought-out marketing strategy to promote customer engagement and possibly revenues.

Digital menu board:

By manually changing the inserts of their panels or adding a new digital poster to digital menu TVs, digital menu boards can feature special items and promotions.

The use of outstanding photos of their cuisine or meal deals on digital menu boards can also be inventive.

Menu flexibility

Interactive digital menu app:

Since menu items are susceptible to price changes, restaurants should regularly update their costing and menu prices.

Furthermore, the availability of food products will be shown on the digital menu, allowing customers to see what is available for purchase.

Restaurants may update their interactive digital menus whenever they want. The digital menu will reflect edits in real-time.

Restaurant operators can save money by not having to print or generate paperback menus or digital menu posters because they can readily update their menus using the software.

Digital menu board:

Restaurants can manually edit the digital menu board if they prefer to update their menu items. To spice up their menu board screens, restaurants may need to print updated inserts or create new digital menu board posters.


When deciding between an interactive digital menu app and a digital menu board, consider the pros and advantages outlined above to make a more informed choice.

An interactive digital menu app provides an end-to-end service solution for faster restaurant operations and a pleasant customer experience. It allows you to develop a restaurant website and establish an online presence, making communicating with clients over the internet a viable marketing strategy for your company.

On the other hand, a digital menu board allows you to efficiently cater to consumers with menu posters for easy accessibility of customers to decide on their meal orders.

As a result, choose the option that provides more services for a more efficient restaurant operation.

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