Interactive Content That Will Help You Stand Out

If you’re not hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king.”

However, while this form of marketing is more accepted today than most other forms of marketing, posting and publishing hundreds of words is not enough.


That’s because more than 3 million blog posts are published every day.

Art stands out in the noise. So you really need to think about what to post.

What is interactive content?

In its simplest form, interactive post content requires the active participation of the viewer.

Instead of passively viewing and reading, they engage, collect personal information, and instantly collect information about the current situation for dieting, marketing strategies, or other purposes.

All this sounds fun and exciting, but the vast majority of marketers turn their backs on interactive content because it’s complicated and expensive to create.

But it should be at the top of the to-do list, not a burden.

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The reasons are as follows.

Interactive post content transforms twice as much as passive content

88% of marketers believe that interactive content sets them apart from the competition

Interactive content receives up to 5 times more traffic than other content

91% of B2B buyers want to use interactive content instead of passive content

For those who want to get started, we’ve put together tips and tools to help you create engaging and fun interactive content for your viewers.

Voting and testing

Do you often find that knowing what salad ingredients you have can save you more time than doing the laundry or completing your boss’s report?

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If you regularly click on cinema8-style quizzes, you’re not alone.

There is a reason they are so attractive. They actively involve the reader and produce immediate results.

I don’t care if your personality is like a carrot or radish, but if you click Get Results, you can come back many times with a slight spike in endorphins. ..

However, you don’t have to create a crazy quiz.

You can also create votes to better understand your audience, or create quizzes to segment your audience and send different content to your target audience based on the results.

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