How to Spot Fake Apps Easily?

Detect Fake Apps

If you’re looking to download an app from a store, you’ll want to check for common signs of a fake app. These include poor ratings, strange photos, and misspelled words. These signs can be quite easy to spot, but there are more subtle ways to tell which apps are scams than others. 

Fake apps are now widely available on Google Play and Apple App Stores. People do download them, but they can steal or hack your information in a matter of seconds. You can simply sign up and they will launch an attack to obtain your personal information. Therefore, be it your home wifi or your Spectrum Movile data plan, make sure you have a safe and reliable internet connection.

Read on to learn how to spot fake apps easily. Hopefully, these tips will save you time and money. 


The easiest way to detect a fake app is by looking at the screenshots. The screenshots represent the interface of the application. Fake apps tend to use photoshop and add taglines. In addition, a fake app may have a recent publish date while a genuine one will have an updated date. Another sign that the app is fake is the “Top Developer” or “Editor’s Choice” tag on the app’s description. 

It is essential to identify the real app before downloading it. A fake app can also have malicious code. Consequently, it is important to follow some basic guidelines when using the store.  

Using these tips, you can identify a fake application and protect yourself from it. After all, there’s nothing worse than downloading a fake app, only to find that out later.

Poor Ratings 

Another telltale sign that an app is fake is its poor ratings. While a popular app may have numerous 5-star ratings, its poor ratings may be an indication that the app has a hidden malicious component.  

Poor ratings can be caused by fake reviews, which are created by the app’s creators. Read the user reviews to get a more thorough idea of the app. If a fake app asks for unnecessary permissions, that is another red flag. 

In an effort to boost their popularity, these apps are selling fake reviews. Fake reviewers make multiple accounts on the store and copy reviews. They do this in order to gain more views and money. It’s unclear how these publishers distribute the reviews, but it’s likely that at least 10% of them are fake. They can also be paid to install and review apps, which is another sign of fake apps. 

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Strange Photos 

If you want to avoid downloading fake apps, you should keep in mind some simple tips and tricks. These apps have been around for a while but have recently received a lot more attention and downloads.  

If the screenshots and ratings of the app seem strange, you can be sure that it’s a fake. The screenshots should be of a genuine app and not a photo of a fictitious one. 

Misspelled Words 

There are several ways to tell if a mobile app is fake or not. One of the most common ways to spot a fake app is by looking for misspelled words in the app’s name or description. In addition to misspelled words, a fake app will most likely have a different logo or lack reviews. If these characteristics are present, the app is likely a fake.  

Many fake apps use the same name as a legitimate app, but misspell certain letters to make it less recognizable. Another way to spot a fake app is to look at the number of downloads. The genuine version should have thousands of downloads, while the fake app has only a few hundred. Also, check the developer’s description. If the developer uses misspelled words in the description, it’s likely to be a fake. 

Negative Reviews 

Apple’s review guidelines are often vague and difficult to enforce. Many apps are not vetted before being listed on the store, and fake reviews can be particularly frustrating for developers. While the company cannot police every app on its store manually, it does have a system in place to identify fake reviews. However, you can take steps to ensure your app is free from bad reviews by responding to them. This will help improve your app’s reputation and optimize it for search engines. 

Respond to reviews immediately. Not only will it show other users that you are responsive to customer feedback, but it will also signal to the poster that you are aware of the situation. If you can’t respond right away, at least let them know that you’re working on a solution before reporting to them.  

Furthermore, responding to reviews will prevent your app from being reported to search engines. By doing this, you’ll help ensure that users continue to use your app. 

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