Email Marketing Top Trends for 2021 – Still Hot or Not

Email Marketing Top Trends for 2021 - Still Hot or Not

At the start of 2021, there have been rumors that email marketing had one last breath to form. Then the pandemic hit, and therefore the tables have turned. Over the past few years, companies have swiftly shifted to digital channels, making email marketing hot again!

While this is often definitely excellent news, especially since email newsletter engagement figures have also grown, we’d like to be careful! To match your competition and ace your email marketing strategy, you would like to remain on top of the newest trends.

1. Incorporation of AI Into Email Marketing Practices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains a confusing concept for tons of companies. Both marketing newbies and even experienced marketers are skeptical about the utilization of AI for email marketing.

The truth is, there’s more data available online than any marketer could ever collect and process, albeit they used advanced technology and edge-cutting software. Contrarily, AI is capable of handling this task with minimal effort applied.

List segmentation, content analysis, and effective outreach: all the tasks that AI can already do better than humans. There’s also evidence that the scope of AI’s abilities is increasing (soon, it’ll be ready to complete most human tasks), meaning it’s time to urge an edge of the way to use AI to optimize your email marketing campaigns effectively.

2. Hyper-Personalisation of Email Marketing

There are tons of various objectives an email marketing campaign can aim for, starting with raising brand awareness and ending with re-engaging customers. However, the top goal of any email marketing campaign is to get more revenue and make more profit. Over the last few years, marketers have concluded that one of the simplest ways to try to do that’s through complete personalization.

This trend goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. the utilization of AI makes it easier to assure personalization by obtaining more data about your customers. Regular customers are getting more and more conscious of the quantity of data collected about them.

Naturally, they expect it to be wont to accommodate their needs better; they only comply with hand over their personal information in exchange for better-personalized offers.

“An offer that clearly shows they are doing not know who I’m,” experienced by 71% of consumers.

“Mixed info across different methods of communication,” experienced by 51% of consumers.

“‘Mistakes made about basic information about me,” experienced by 41% of consumers.

All of those mistakes can have severe detrimental effects on the result of your campaign. Upon receiving a non-personalized or mistargeted email, 94% of consumers report taking a minimum of one among the subsequent actions:

  • 68%: Automatically delete emails
  • 54%: Unsubscribe from emails
  • 45%: Categorize emails as ‘junk’ or ‘spam’
  • 29%: subsided willing to shop for products
  • 13%: Visit the website less frequently
  • 10%: Never visit the website again

Lack of email marketing campaign personalization may result in anything from list degradation, to an overall failure of the e-mail marketing campaign due to skyrocketing costs.

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Besides, personalization has several other statistically-proven benefits:

3. Email Marketing Automation: the facility of Drip Campaigns

Traditionally, email marketing campaigns contain several separate emails, all of which are controlled by a marketer. It’s up to the marketer to make a decision when and why a selected email is shipped to list subscribers.

In 2021 that’s getting to change. Email marketing is stepping far away from manual campaigning and using automation more often.

Email marketing automation (aka drip campaigns) refers to an email marketing strategy that uses sequences of trigger-based emails rather than one-time shots. This ensures consistent and cohesive communication between the subscribers and therefore the company.

Moreover, it gives the customer a way of control over their inbox. In today’s world of content overload, the last item an individual wants to ascertain in their inbox is yet one more useless and uncalled-for email. regardless of how great the content is, it feels intrusive and spammy when it comes out of the blue.

Now, there’s a conflict of interests. On one hand, we’ve consumers. nobody wants their inbox to be clogged. People are sick and uninterested in moving boring and irrelevant emails to the trash folder in bulk.

On the opposite, there are stats to prove that retailers who send a series of welcome emails see 13% more revenue than those that hand over after sending only one.

The only viable solution here is to only send emails once you know that the recipient is curious about getting them. A drip campaign does exactly that! Behavior-based email automation can assist you to improve your email marketing leads to 2021 because it effectively solves the conflict of interest.

4. User-Generated Content

Another big trend that emerged earlier this year, and is predicted to succeed in its full potential in 2021, is utilizing user-generated content in email marketing campaigns. User-generated content (UGC) is any sort of content (text, videos, images, audio) created by end-users of products or services.

There’s evidence to suggest that user-generated content promotes conversion. an outsized portion of consumers (82%) claim that user-generated reviews are extremely valuable. Roughly 70% of all consumers base their purchasing decision on the reviews and ratings from other users.

Therefore, when email marketers include these in their emails, they amp up the amount of trust towards the products or services promoted.

Moreover, UGC also can act as content in itself. If you’re struggling to satisfy your email content quotas, you’ll always believe user content to boost your campaign.

5. Interactive Emails

This trend has already been around for a short time but is merely getting to grow stronger in 2021. Interactive responsive emails are the grail of email marketing. They boost customer engagement and significantly increase email interaction.

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