Benefits of a good eCommerce website for your business


Today’s businesses need an online presence. Nothing is more successful than making your own digital marketing company in Singapore. However, when starting out, many entrepreneurs do not prioritize website growth. The most common reasons for not doing so are a lack of funds and time. And the latter is more often than not the case.

Developing eCommerce website design is an essential component of every online company. When it comes to developing eCommerce website platforms and selling your products/services on the internet, the rivalry is fierce. Setting up a user-friendly and interactive website for your company is one of the first steps in moving the business forward.

Many factors, such as website design, content management, SEO optimization, and so on, come into play and have an impact on your business’s development, either directly or indirectly. As a result, knowing the significance and benefits of successful website design is critical.

Your first goal should be to build a website

According to the most recent data from, 75 percent of Singapore’s small and medium-sized companies had an online presence in 2016. As of January 2019, the Singapore Network Information Centre had registered over 90, domains. Obviously, companies understand the value and necessity of having a website.

Why does any business need a website?

Many people make the mistake of underestimating the importance of website design and avoid working with a digital marketing company in Singapore. Website design, as superficial as it can be, is the first thing a user experiences while visiting your website. According to a Stanford University study, website design plays a 75 percent role in determining a company’s reputation. This means that a successful design will assist you in establishing confidence and reputation in the industry, which will result in increased sales and long-term customers.

It makes no difference what sector the company is in. Or even the size of your business. If you want to start or develop a company, getting a website from the start can only help you. But, what are the advantages of getting a website, and why do you need one? Here are 7 compelling reasons why you should consider or persuade your boss to consider develop eCommerce website platform as a revamp for your company.

#1 Establishing a brand

It all comes down to developing and communicating your brand. A website conveys the overall perception of your business in the same way that appealing packaging conveys the brand picture of a product. 

A good digital marketing company in Singapore complements and improves your overall company profile, whether it is serious and trustworthy or fun and friendly. Furthermore, clear use of your brand language and visual identity strengthens your Company image.

#2 Conveys trustworthiness

Whether you believe it or not when you develop eCommerce website platform, it builds trust. Especially if you qualify for a restricted domain name. A “” domain name, for example, is restricted to registered companies in Singapore. You may also publish articles and case studies to persuade your visitors of your expertise and to build thought leadership and authority within your industry niche.

#3 Obtain visibility on Google

If you’re searching for a service or a product online, you’re probably going to Google. That is something that everybody does. And it’s rare to see a social media page prominently mentioned on Google. Since, at its heart, Google is a search engine for websites. Furthermore, not being on Google will cost you chances that should have gone to you rather than your rival.

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#4 Improve efficiency

Aside from being a full-fledged eCommerce platform, a website can also be designed to perform a number of functions. For example, if you own a hair salon, your website can be set up to make online appointments for your hairstylists in various time slots. Enable table reservations in a restaurant, for example. Alternatively, to handle facility bookings with a payment option. The options are limitless for a digital marketing company in Singapore & also a website design company in Bangalore.

#5 Convert readers into paying customers

According to Forrester, most customers tend to conduct their own online research before considering a vendor. To persuade potential clients, you obviously need a website and relevant material. When you develop eCommerce website platform with a content management system, it will allow you to attach images, publish infographics, and case studies. All of which will help you turn visitors into paying customers.

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Today’s business buyers are becoming more self-directed: 60% prefer not to communicate with a sales representative as the primary source of information. Sixty-eight percent choose to perform their own online analysis, and 62 percent believe they can now establish selection criteria or finalize a vendor list solely based on digital content.

#6 Produce leads, sales, and revenue

Every business is profitable. An eCommerce website directly contributes to the bottom line of B2C companies that sell goods. Furthermore, an eCommerce solution eliminates the amount of manpower and energy required to sell goods. And, for B2B businesses, increased leads generated by your online forms typically result in increased sales. As a result, make sure your website prominently displays a Call to Action.

#7 Low advertisement costs

Online ads on platforms such as Facebook or Google are far less expensive than offline efforts. Not just that. Online ads have a measurable return on investment. Your website is at the heart of any online marketing campaign. Create persuasive landing pages in addition to daily web pages to capture leads and prospects.

#8 Excellent return on investment (ROI)

Creating a digital marketing company in Singapore is relatively inexpensive. Of course, this is very subjective and is determined by the valuation of the services or goods. Particularly for B2B companies, closing a couple of deals from website leads is usually enough to pay for the website. Websites can also hit targeted markets very quickly when combined with online marketing and search engine optimization efforts. That is why businesses invest in website landing pages and SEO-optimized content on a regular basis.


An eCommerce website is completely necessary when it comes to branding and marketing your company. Here at Digital Solutions, we will help you improve your website presence because we are a full-service web design agency. For additional details, visit our website.

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