5 Best React Native UI Libraries to Boost Your Development [2021]

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Are you one who loves to spend time on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and many social media platforms? Did you know what the reason behind why we love to use these applications is? Because of their Eye-catching and Beautiful Interface. These applications are built so beautifully and User-friendly that Everyone attracts to use them for long periods. 

If you’re a Developer, this is always coming to your mind; which Technology is used behind these applications with attractive Interfaces. The most widely used applications with Attractive Interfaces are Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Shopify & Skype. They all build with React Native (A Cross-Platform) Mobile Development framework mainly used to create Beautiful and eye-catching Interface for mobile Applications.

It’s a Huge library that any developer can use to Pick and Get the desired Interface for any application. In this article, we’ve covered React Native, Its Libraries, and the 5 Best React Native UI Libraries that will help you build the Next Revolutionary Application that millions of people love to use.

So Let’s begin!

What is React Native?

It’s a Mobile Application Development Framework created by Facebook in 2015. After the launch of this Framework worldwide, Developers Completely switch to use this Framework only for Mobile Application Development. That’s how a New Direction came to Design Beautiful and Eye-catching Interfaces using this Framework. This Framework becomes so popular in less time because of its outstanding features:

●       Cross-Platform Compatible: You need to write a single code, and this code can adapt to any platform

●       Accessible to Use: This Framework is So Easy to use because it’s based on JavaScript and CSS that’s why Learning this Framework is so easy

●       Auto Updates: This Framework comes with Upcoming updates, and with its auto-update feature is Automatically Update to the latest version

●       Save Time & Money: Major Reasons behind the popularity are, saving time & money by writing a Single code and creating shortcuts.

●       Mild Learning Curve: Using this Framework is so easy to learn. If you know the Basics of JavaScript, CSS & React, then Learning and Using this Framework is easy and Faster.

React Native Libraries

React Native Framework have So many varieties of libraries & UI that are helpful for Mobile Application Developers to build beautiful interfaces by Picking the desired UI & Library. The primary purpose of Creating this Framework is to save lots of time to create a new Interface and UI. But now, mobile application developers need to select which Interface they want to choose and Modify.

That’s how many times saved by using these libraries and UI because now they don’t need to write code from scratch; they get ready-made templates to drag and drop then Modify accordingly.

5 Best React Native UI Libraries

Well, You know the Value of using Libraries and UI of React Native for your Mobile Application Development. This time we’ve Handpicked the top 5 best React Native UI Libraries that help you to create Beautiful Interfaces. These 5 UI Libraries almost cover most of the variety of projects. So let’s begin in detail about these UI Libraries.

5 Best React Native UI Libraries are:

● NativeBase

● React Native Elements

● React Native Material Kit

● Ignite CLI

● React Native UI Kitten

Now, we’ll discuss in-depth Details about all 5 UI Libraries:

#1 NativeBase

This UI is the first choice of developers for finding Attractive, User-friendly & Useful UI with lots of features. This Library comes with so many Features like Text fields, Keywords, buttons, and theme templates.

With this Library, You can Build a fantastic and Dynamic Frontend framework. You can start building your application by using this Interface. And Yes, After implementing in your frontend, you have complete control to modify, edit and make changes whatever you want.

This is an open-Source library with Premium features that save lots of time and gives you an Advance level of Work Quality after using this Library. It doesn’t take so much time; it’s easy to build an application Interface with this Library and customize it accordingly. 

#2 React Native Elements

One of the most popular UI is this. Because it’s so easy to use, User-friendly, and Comes with lots of customization because it has its Kit for customization, this Library is more focused on structure. Because this Library has few templates to use, but another most essential thing, you get complete gay nigga control over designing parts using this Library. You can fully customize your Interface.

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Now you get an idea about which type of benefits you get if you’re using this Library. If you’re more creative, try to create your Interface and need some ideas. You can go with this Library because you get complete control of designing and Interface to implement your creativity at another level.

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This UI Library helps you save lots of your time and energy Because you need to write code once and then copy and paste it easily for reuse.

#3 React Native Material Kit

This Framework Provides so many components that help to Design Application interfaces with React Native. This Kit comes with pre-built templates that help to build beautiful interfaces for web applications quickly. Because of its components, you can make an interface that looks like Google’s Material Design. This Kit comes with 200+ Components, 5 Customize pages, and 5 Example pages. 

So, It’s Easy to use this Kit for building an Interactive web application interface with unique features and components. You can do more by customizing colors and many more. You can go with a Premium Plan (Pro Version) that gives access to unlock more customize and example pages in react native material kit.

#4 Ignite CLI

If you’re looking for React Native Apps to build a Strong and Amazing Application Interface, then Highly Recommended to go with Ignite CLI Library. This is a Strong Starter Kit for Interface Designing. The use of this tool is so easy and effortless to build Native Apps.  This supports both Windows and iOS.

This Framework allows you to modify boilerplates in your Web applications Interface. Also, you can select boilerplates as per your requirement because this Framework has a Modular Plugin that will enable you to pick as per your requirements.  

#5 React Native UI Kitten

If you’re at your initial stage and start developing a beautiful interface for your web application, then React Native UI Kitten is one of the best frameworks for you. This Framework works for almost any domain, even E-commerce Niche. This Framework comes with Twenty general components for visual appearance. 

It’s a Lifetime Free Library, and that’s why you take benefit of using this Framework. There are so many themes provided in this Library, you can pick the best one based on your application Interface demand, or If you didn’t find any, then I suggest you create your theme. It’s easy to develop because the source code remains the same. Just by changing some variables, you can change themes, elements quickly.

This Framework also offers Light and Dark Themes on-page. Just install the UI Kitten framework and Import all the components in your desired web application Interface. Using this Framework gives you a Boost In your Mobile Application Interface.


React Native is the most Beautiful gift for application developers. Because it saves Time, Energy, and Money. Using React Native Framework is the best option. Without Creating a code from scratch, you can pick any theme and install it.

Later you can modify it accordingly. We’ve listed the Top 5 Amazing UI Frameworks that help you build beautiful and Interactive Interfaces for your application Interface. If you’re a React Native Developer, I hope this article is helpful for you. All Giant Companies use this technology because it’s a Faster, Reliable, and Secure platform.

Having Pre-Coded components and templates can save you lots of time and let you focus on more creativity and Build another Big platform. After reading this article, you can pick any UI Framework for your application Interface. So, Start Build a beautiful and Eye-catching application Interface using React Native Technology.

Author Bio: Jignesh Vaghasiya is the CEO at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a mobile app development company in Atlanta (http://www.universalstreamsolution.com/). That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.

Author mail-id: jigs@universalstreamsolution.com

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